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Arm Lift in Dubai


When you think of beautiful arms celebrities like Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz or Michelle Obama may come to your mind. Of course, who wouldn’t be envious of their trimmed, toned and tight upper arms?
While some can be inspired to hit the gym and get shapely arms, for others exercise is not enough. For them an arm lift or brachioplasty may be a good option.
An arm lift that is successfully performed can make your arms go from ‘flab’ to ‘fab’. A sculpted upper arm will nicely complement your silhouette and your outfit.  Today’s technology has made arm lift in Dubai a very safe and effective cosmetic procedure with minimal risk of scarring.

Who is a suitable candidate for Arm Lift surgery?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons it is one of the top four most popular plastic surgery procedures perfomed following dramatic weight loss. This is because people who experience massive weight loss are left with hanging skin on the arms. Thin people may also having sagging upper arms due to ageing or genetics. Doing regular exercise like pilates and strength training will not help them get rid of the excess skin that develops in the area.
Prior to the surgery your surgeon for arm lift in Dubai will provide you with all the necessary precautions. You may need to:

  • Quit smoking as it can have adverse effects on wound healing.
  • Stop taking aspirin, non steroidal anti inflammatory medications.
  • Stop taking certain vitamins and supplements that increase bleeding risks.
  • Use supplements to reduce swelling and bruising including arnica or bromelain.
  • Eat a high protein diet to enhance the healing process.
  • Consult your doctor about the kind of diet regimen you need to follow before the procedure.

The procedure typically takes one to three hours depending on the extent of the surgery. The surgery may be performed with local anaesthesia with sedation to leave you awake yet not fully aware, or with general anesthesia.
For people with smooth skin and only a small amount of extra flab, lipsuction would suffice. The arm lift procedure would be more appropriate for those with excessive areas of fat below the arms, poor quality and sun damaged skin.

 Treatment Procedure:

At first the surgeon will make incisions on the inside or back of your arm. The pattern of incision will vary according to the needs of the surgery and the surgeons own preference of treatment.
Incisions usually extend from the underarm to right above the elbow.
If you only have a small amount of sagging skin near the armpit you will be a candidate for minimal incision arm lift.
For people who have lost a massive amount of weight, and have more sagging skin an incision is made that runs from the elbow to the armpit and into the side of the chest.
After the incision is made the extra fat is removed with liposuction. Extra skin is trimmed, tightened and stitched with absorbable stitches that are removed a week after the surgery.
At this point your skin will feel smooth upon the new contour of your arm.


 Some swelling, bruising and mild discomfort is likely after the procedure:

  • Arm would appear trim and toned almost immediately after the surgery.
  • A pain medication will be prescribed by the surgeon to relieve the pain.
  • Swelling will be at its peak for the first two or three days, but will gradually disappear within two weeks.
  • Elevating your arm on pillows will help in reducing the pain and swelling.
  • The stitches that are not self absorbed will be removed within a week and dressings will be applied to the incision.
  • Surgeon may prescribe a compression garment for the treated area.
  • The patient can shower only once a week after the procedure.
  • Most people can resume normal life two to three weeks after the surgery.
  • Strenuous exercise is prohibited for a month after the procedure and heavy lifting for a minimum of six weeks.

Risks of Arm lift Surgery Include:

  • Hermatoma
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Loss of sensation
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Seromas
  • Swelling of the hands

In order to minimize your risks maximize your satisfaction with the results of the arm lift in Dubai it is important to choose a qualified, trained and experienced plastic surgeon with state of the art technology.