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The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It protects and covers the whole body and anything that touches and causes harm to it may appear prominent like a scar.  A scar may come from different factors like a burns, accidents and even surgical procedures. A scar means the trauma caused to the skin is on its recovery or healing period and in many ways than not, a scar may not go away for a very long time. Some people who have prominent scars on their face or legs may use cosmetic products like foundation and concealer to conceal any prominent scars that may make them feel conscious about themselves. Other may go the extent of spending some cash to get surgical procedures to change the way it looks and make it a little less noticeable. Scar removal in Dubai depends on how big the scar is or where it is located. Treatments and procedures used by surgeons also depends on what type of scar they are dealing with.

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