P-Shot Treatment in Dubai

P-Shot is a pain-free and highly effective treatment to improve and rejuvenate your erectile functions. This procedure uses growth factors found in your blood. While every man can benefit from P-Shot, this treatment is specifically beneficial for people experiencing decreased sexual functions due to diabetes, Peyronie’s disease, hypertension, or aging.

What is P-Shot?

During a P-Shot or Platelet enriched plasma penile infusion procedure, an andrologist takes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood and injects it into your penis. This treatment promotes tissue growth in your penis and gives you better, long-lasting erections.

Generally, P-Shot in Dubai is a pain-free treatment to help improve sexual performance, especially in men suffering the loss of function due to aging or diseases.

Uses of P-Shot Treatment

The P-Shot stems from PRP therapy, which helps accelerate the recovery of joints and muscles from injuries caused by chronic health conditions. The P-Shot Dubai explicitly addresses problems with the penis. Here is what P-Shot is used for:

Benefits of P-Shot Treatment

Benefits of P-Shot treatment may include the following:

  • Only minor discomfort during the procedure
  • Firmer, easy-to-achieve erections
  • Increased length and girth of the penis
  • Improved and sometimes resolved Peyronies’ disease
  • Improved sensation, leading to a more joyful sexual experience

How does it work?

According to Dr. Richard Gaines, the pioneer of P-Shot, this treatment helps improve sexual functions by:

  • Repairing responses in penile tissues and cells
  • Increasing overall blood flow
  • Establishing new neural pathways
  • Creating a placebo effect

Preparing for the Procedure

Because P-Shot treatment in Dubai is a non-invasive procedure, you do not need to do anything specific in preparation. Nonetheless, you may need to get your blood tests done for an overall health check if you haven’t done them for some time. Remember, it is crucial to ensure that you have healthy blood, platelets, and plasma before the procedure.

P-Shot Procedure: What to Expect?

It is an outpatient procedure, meaning that you can go into the clinic, get treated, and walk out of the premises right away. Since there is no downtime required with Priapus Shot in Dubai, you can resume your activities right after the procedure. However, you might want to take a day off if you do not want to be bothered by work worries during the process.

At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, you will get to meet the best andrologists with unique expertise in P-Shot treatment. After arriving at our clinic, the doctor will ask you to lie down on a table to start the procedure. Here is what the procedure entails.

  • First, the doctor will numb the genital area by applying a cream or ointment. You will also receive a local anesthetic solution to numb the area around the treatment site.
  • Then, he will take blood from your arm.
  • The blood will be placed in a centrifuge for a few minutes to isolate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from other blood components.
  • The doctor will then extract PRP into two syringes.
  • He will inject this PRP into the clitoris, penile shaft, or the Gräfenberg (G) spot. This entire procedure uses 4-5 injections and concludes in a few minutes.
  • Lastly, he will give you a penis pump if you have received an injection in the penis shaft. This device will draw blood into your penis and help ensure that the injected PRP is working.

This entire procedure is safe and doesn’t result in many side effects. Some post-op side effects may occur but go away in a few days. These side effects include minor redness, swelling, and bruising. Overall, these side effects originate from the natural body response to injections and are not a cause of concern.


Generally, the p-shot treatment for men’s erectile function in Dubai is followed by a quicker recovery. Hence, you can go ahead with your routine activities on the same day of treatment.

Nonetheless, you will have to avoid having sexual intercourse for the next couple of days to avoid infection in the injection sites. Furthermore, you may need to limit intense physical activities for a day or two to prevent irritation in the treatment area due to sweating.

How much does P Shot cost in Dubai?

The cost of P-shot treatment generally depends on the severity of the problem, treatment goals, and the patient’s preferences. You can get an approximate price estimate during the initial consultation with a qualified practitioner.

P-Shot Treatment FAQs

How soon are the P-Shot results visible?

The results of P-Shot treatment can vary depending on various factors, including your overall health and sexual function. Some patients get instant results, while some have to wait for months to see improvements. Moreover, some people may need multiple treatment sessions to achieve a positive outcome.

Does P-Shot treat Peyronie's disease?

While the P-Shot helps treat erectile dysfunction caused by Peyronie's disease, this treatment is ineffective for penile plaque.

Are P-Shot Results permanent?

The short answer to this question is no, P-Shot doesn't provide a permanent fix for male sexual health problems. However, these results are longer lasting than those of other treatments. Overall, this treatment offers a year of improved sexual functions.

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