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Every part of our body has a great importance for us. If a part of our body does not work as per the normal routine, it causes different problems for us. Not being able to perform an important function of our life not only makes us unhappy, but it also makes us feel incomplete.

Having a small sized penis than average is a problem faced by many men. It causes multitudes of problems for the beholder. It makes feel sad and less confident about their life. If you are a victim of this problem, just stop worrying because it is time to take a practical step to say goodbye to it.

*Facts You Must Know

Cost of Treatment book free consultation
Time Required 45-60 Mins
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Recovery Time Minimal
Success Rate Very High Success Rate
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Who Are Candidates

You can qualify as a perfect candidate for penile enlargement treatment also known as male enhancement if;

  • People who do not have a skin disease
  • People who want to increase the size of the penis
  • People who have realistic expectations with the results of the treatment

Penile Enlargement Goals

Fat grafting procedures are mostly performed by board certified plastic surgeons. Doctors and patients set certain goals before the treatment. In general, the goals for this treatment include;

  • To increase the size of the penis
  • To make your sexual life better

Penile Enlargement Techniques

Different techniques might be employed to deliver the desired goals. In general, fat from one part of the body of the patient is removed and it is used to inject in the penis. By doing so, the desired size of the penis is achieved.

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Proper care must be taken in the aftermath of the treatment in order to benefit from optimal results. Your case might be different but in general, the doctors suggest;

  • You should not have a skin disease
  • You should stop smoking before the treatment
  • You should have realistic expectations from the treatment

Penile Enlargement Procedure

The treatment is safe, effective, and easy to perform. The fat to be injected into the penis is obtained from a part of the body of the same person. In general, the fat is obtained from the abdomen of the person, because it is easy to take it from the abdomen. The treatment comprised of a few small steps. We can divide this treatment into two main steps.

  • In the first step, fat from abdomen or some other part of the body is obtained.
  • In the second step, the fat is then injected into the penis.

Penile Enlargement Benefits

This treatment is designed around the satisfaction of our valuable clients. There is no denying the fact that this treatment brings great benefits in your life. One of the key benefits is the significant increase in the size of the penis. On the other hand, another promising feature is the increase in the size of the penis will lead to a better sexual life.

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Penile Enlargement Recovery

Some procedures involve very long recovery period, but don not worry, the recovery period for this treatment is not long. Both fat donor and the fat recipient area take some time to come into the normal condition.

Post-Operation Care

Having a surgical treatment done is one thing, acting upon the doctor’s instructions following the surgery is quite another. As a matter of fact, proper care must be taken until the treated area is completely healed.

Penile Enlargement Results

The treatment is based on the fat transfer cutting-edge technology that ensures the delivery of desired results. Testimonials of the past patients are evident in this regard. That is why people who have gone through this life-changing experience recommend this treatment.

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says about fat injection treatment that “Fat injection or grafting has broad applications in cosmetic surgery. Fat injected into areas requiring volume-enhancement produces safe, long-lasting, and natural-appearing results as volume is replaced to tissues where fat is diminished.”

Risks Involved

The treatment is not itself risky but there are definitely risks involved in this treatment if due care is not taken. After the treatment, you may experience the following problems;

  • Bleeding
  • Infections
  • Deformities and graft loss
  • Loss of volume with deformity
  • Nodules, lumps and deformities
  • Skin and soft tissue scarring and necrosis

Our Surgeons

Side Effects

All kinds of surgeries are subject to certain risks and side effects. Same is the case with penile enlargement by fat injection. If an expert performs the procedure, three are least chances of appearance of side effects. Some of the important side effects include;

  • Necrosis associated with severe deformity, and severe infections.
  • Mild to severe absorption with severe deformity
  • Skin adhesions can take place
  • Skin scars can appear
  • Donor area scaring

Free Consultation

Due to the growing need, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery proudly offers penile enlargement treatment in Dubai to set you free from small penis problem.  If you are interested, feel free to sign up for a free consultation session with one of our experts.

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