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The leading cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai brings you the best in dental health.  As a leading dental healthcare provider, we specialize in the latest dental technology; be it the famous Hollywood smile, pediatric dentistry or just a routine dental check-up. Our world-class specialists and dentists at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery are committed to your dental well-being and excellence.

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Our dentistry in Dubai is made complete by the latest state-of-the-art dental equipment which enables us to offer more dental services effectively in the least amount of time, and at the same time reducing the downtime as well as the possible side effects. Combined with the best dentist in Dubai, and a keen and friendly staff, your dental experience at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery will not only be the best, but we will make sure that the best possible results are achieved.

Our Services include:

This software allows for dentists and surgeons to project the aesthetic and functional properties of a smile allowing patients to preview results and technicians to gain information on smile rehabilitation.

For people who have lost a tooth through trauma or disease, dental implants are artificial root placements that are implanted into the jaw to replicate the lost tooth.

  • Smile Makeover

It is an umbrella term used for a group of cosmetic dental procedures aimed at improving the patient’s smile through implants, tooth whitening, dental veneers, and composite bonding.

The Hollywood smile is a phrase that describes the perfect smile that is made possible through cosmetic dental procedures. The aim is to create an attractive winning smile since it is a prominent facial feature.

People who have stained teeth due to lifestyle habits or hereditary factors can go for a bleaching treatment to improve the brightness, whiteness, and sparkle of their teeth.

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Also known as a gum lift, it’s meant for those people who aren’t gifted with an aesthetically pleasing set of gums or have been subject to trauma. Surgeons correct gum tissue that is too high or low.

An orthodontic device used to adjust teeth very much like dental braces to be worn for a time period. Advantages include a transparent material, integration with digital imagery and personalized molds.

This branch of orthodontic dentistry involves doctors who specialize in the promotion of dental health and treatment of dental problems in children, ranging from toddlers to adolescents, recognized globally.

Cavities or holes inside the external tooth structure can be painful and hazardous to dental health, hence a wide variety of materials based on necessity can be used to fill such cavities permanently.

Surgery of the teeth and jaw bone is termed as dental surgery and it involves a number of procedures for aesthetic and functional reasons for an artificially modifying definition of the dentures and jaw.

This branch of dentistry deals in the health of supporting structures to the teeth such as the gums and underlying bone structure where specialists diagnose and treat diseases particular to those tissues.

This is a complex procedure that involves treatment of the pulp tissue inside the tooth that consists of nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue affected from disease or infection.

Routine dental check-ups are dental exams performed at least twice a year, necessary for all people but more so for patients with a history of dental problems than those with healthy dentures.

Gum depigmentation treatment is based on laser technique which uses lasers to remove the upper layer of tissues on the gum revealing the new tissues which are free from black spots.

Snoring treatment is used to cure sleep apnea that is a breathing disorder during sleep which may also cause snoring. Snore3 is the least invasive method used to reduce snoring by increasing the size of the airway through laser technique.

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