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Brazilian Butt Lift Cost

The beauty icons like Kim Kardashian-West have triggered the desire to have a perfect bottom to a whole new level. It has increased the number of women wishing to opt for Brazilian Butt Lift. Women who are above 40 undergo it to achieve a more lifted appearance. While getting a Brazilian Butt lift seems super glamorous, it can get pretty expensive as well. Most patients who are considering butt lift are confused about the cost or price associated with the procedure. The average starting price of Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai is AED 30,000.

Factors Affecting Cost

Let us discuss the Brazilian Butt lift cost in Dubai and the factors influencing it in detail. Some of these factors include:

  • Treatment Site
  • Body Type of Each Individual
  • Selection of the Particular Surgeon
  • Geographic Location of the Service Provider
  • Surgery-Related Expenses
  • Body Type

Body Type

Patients who are overweight and have excess fat deposits need a longer procedure which involves removing the extra layer of fat and achieving a smooth and contoured buttock. Similarly, patients who are really skinny also take longer than someone who falls in the normal weight range. This factor alone significantly influences the overall cost of the Brazilian butt lift.

Selection of the Surgeon

A surgeon’s fee also affects the cost which varies depending on the repute and specialty of your doctor. If a surgeon has established himself as a cosmetic surgeon and has hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the world, he will charge you more than the surgeon who has just started out.

Geographic Location

The price of Brazilian butt lift varies widely among different regions of the world. Generally, the European countries charge more than the Gulf Regions. You can find good quality butt lift surgery at economical rates in Dubai.

Surgery-Related Expenses

You must ask the surgeon or the staff whether the total estimated cost is covering other surgery-related costs or not. Surgery-related expenses include anesthesia fee, surgical facility fee, prescription medications, and post-surgery garments. If these expenses are not included then you should consider them as well while estimating the total cost.

Surgical Facility

The facilities provided by the surgical clinic also contribute to the total cost of the treatment. Some factors related to the surgical facility which influence the cost include;

  • Advancement of the facilities
  • Number of patients that can be accommodated
  • The repute of the clinic
  • Aftercare services
  • Financing facilities

Financing Options

The Financing options of different clinics vary significantly. Some offer 100% financing services with 0% interest while others offer a significant interest rate. You need to know your options and the cost of the Brazilian butt lift offered by various clinics beforehand.

Pro-Tip; Don’t Cut Quality Corners

While the cost of Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai is definitely an important consideration when it comes to making the final decision, it is not the most important one. Patients must remember that health and satisfactory results must be their top priorities, not the cost. Choosing an inexperienced doctor to save some money could cost far more in the long run in the shape of corrective cosmetic surgery procedures.

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