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Buttock Lift Cost Dubai

Having a curvy body is all the rage these days. Everyone wants to have a perfectly sculpted and lifted butt. The massive increase in the demand of Buttock Lift speaks for the trend. Your butts can sag over time due to aging, sudden weight loss and lack of exercise. That restricts most women from rocking swimsuits and cute lingerie. Luckily, a buttock lift can help you achieve a perfect bottom. If you are thinking of getting this treatment, you might be concerned about the cost of Buttock Lift in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. On average, butt lift costs $4,802 or AED 17637. However, the cost of the treatment varies depending upon few factors. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with the surgeon to know the exact cost.

Which Factors Affect The Cost of Buttock Lift?

Here is a list of factors that will influence the overall quote;

  • Individual Body Type
  • Selection of a Surgeon
  • Geographic Location of the Service Provider
  • Expenses Related to the Surgery
  • Current Shape and Volume of Your Buttocks
  • Amount of fat on your body
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Body Type

Patients who are obese or overweight require the removal an extra layer of fat to achieve a smooth and contoured buttock. Similarly, patients who are skinny might need a bit of extra work as well, compared to someone who falls in the normal weight range. The body type is definitely an important factor that influences the overall cost of Buttock lift in Dubai.

Selection of the Surgeon

Another important factor for you to consider as a patient is the selection of a surgeon. You need to take a close look at the surgeon’s online reviews and overall reputation. You need to ensure that they understand all your concerns and provide you with a suitable solution. The overall fee can be affected by the repute and specialty of the chosen surgeon. If a particular practitioner has millions of satisfied clients throughout the world, the prices will most likely be higher than someone who has barely started practicing.

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Geographic Location of the Service Provider

The prices of cosmetic surgery vary widely among different regions of the world. Generally, the European countries charge the highest and the prices are fairly low in the Gulf Region. You can generally find good quality services at economical rates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you look out for discounts, you can get great deals.

Surgery-Related Expenses

Most people think that the cost of the surgery equals to the overall cost of the treatment. Although, it’s not the case for most medical facilities. You need to ask the surgeon whether total estimated cost includes surgery-related costs or not. Usually, these costs include anesthesia fees, surgical facility fees, prescription medications, and post-surgery garments. It can add up to the price massively. Hence, it is important to know the overall cost especially if you are on a budget.

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Surgical Facility

The facilities available at the cosmetic surgery clinic can add up or subtract from the overall cost of buttock lift in Dubai. Some of the factors include;

  • The kind of facilities available at the clinic
  • The total number of patients that can be accommodated by the clinic
  • The overall reputation of the clinic
  • Aftercare services provided by the clinic
  • The financing options provided by the particular clinic

Free Consultation

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