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Birthmark Types And Possible Treatments

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Pigmentation is a spot or stain on the skin which is gotten from birth and can show up in different shapes, sizes, and colors. While a few birthmarks are little and rather unnoticeable, others have noticeable appearance can trouble people and maybe in few cases even lower their confidence. A few birthmarks can risk for your health so, you need to go to get cosmetic surgical treatment to getting rid of these birthmarks. Some birthmarks are fade and completely disappear by the time passing. Dubai cosmetic surgery clinic provides you the best Birthmark treatments if you want to get rid of your birthmarks.

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Birthmarks types

There are different sorts of birthmarks and depending on the skin type. Some normal types are:

  1. Marks on the skin that make before and after the birth.
  2. Red sores and skin rashes that become progressively recognizable in temperature changes or when a newborn child cries.

Treatment Options

There are so many treatments for removing birthmarks but some more beneficial treatments in Dubai cosmetic surgery clinic include;

  • Medications: Mostly birthmarks vanish without treatment however in the event that they don’t the primary alternative that can be utilized for birthmark removal is oral or topical medicines. They are viable for decreasing the size and helping the color of birthmarks. Different kinds of medicines are accessible and a dermatologist can recommend you the best one.
  • Steroids: if the oral medicines do not work effectively, corticosteroids can be utilized to accelerate the procedure of shrinkage of birthmarks. This treatment is appropriate threatening for a child’s vision or any other senses.
  • Surgical Removal: This type of treatment is utilized all around once in a while, just when no non-surgical treatment works. A birthmark that is either enormous or is found on an inner organ requires surgical removal. Extraction way is utilized for birthmark elimination in Dubai.
  • Laser Treatment: Laser treatment is additionally one of the choices for birthmark removal at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery clinic. It is an extremely powerful treatment yet requires various sessions for ideal results. It utilizes laser beams to diminish the size and help the fade of birthmarks.

Birthmarks Treatment Procedure

Laser treatment for Black, Brown, white and Vascular birthmarks is a short and straightforward technique that requires 15 minutes to 60 minutes, relying on the size, shading, and number of birthmarks to finish. The steps of the treatment are:

  • Laser treatment is almost painless and may be performed without freezing the treatment part. Local anesthesia or numbing cream may also be used for those who are very sensitive.
  • After applying the treatment part, a laser expert will move the laser machine over the skin. Profoundly engaged light beams emitted by the laser device will shrink the size and also help to fade the color of birthmarks.
  • The laser helps to remove the birthmarks by taking out the blood vessels and diminishing the melanin that causes birthmarks.
  • Finally, cold compresses may be used to reduce the uneasiness and burning sensation.

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There are a wide range of advantages of laser treatments for Brown birthmarks and some of them are;

  • It is a non-surgical treatment that requires no cuts and incisions.
  • It is basically a painless technique and requires no anesthesia.

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