Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Speculations Have Been Confirmed

courteney cox

From the looks and appearance it seems Courteney Cox has undergone cosmetic treatment without a doubt. It has to be the only logical explanation for the beautiful actress who celebrated her golden jubilee 2 years ago. Moreover, the experts have speculated that there has been some form of cosmetic face lift/augmentation conducted.

Director, producer and actress Courteney Cox has denied claims of cosmetic surgery but affirmed her use of dermal fillers or Botox in certain areas of her face. This is a no brainer owing to the smoothness of her facial features. Her cheekbones are more prominent now and the lips are fuller than they were before. Certain editorials caught Cox on a separate occasion where her face was puffy and her blue eyes were slightly hidden.

Courteney who was popularized in the role of Monica Geller from the 90’s sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S has appeared in various films as well. Her other television roles cast her as Jules Cobb in Cougar Town as well as Gale Weathers in the Scream series. Courteney underwent numerous dramatic transformations that were both natural and cosmetic.

It cannot be argued that non-invasive cosmetic treatments for anti-aging have been used by Courtney Cox to keep her facial contours youthful and beautiful. But most of our readers do not know what had possibly been done by Courteney Cox to make her age so well.

According to studies and a bit of Googling, it can be safe to say that it seems like cheek augmentation and facial contouring using Autolgous Fat Transfer and dermal fillers were and are periodically used to keep her youthful glow. Replacing lost volume in the face through fat harvested from other parts of the body and injecting it into the face is a smart cosmetic move despite the fact that Courtney does not have much body fat. This is probably not how Courteney underwent breast augmentation since there is a remarkable increase in her size.

Wrinkles and fine aging lines are been routinely treated using dermal fillers which also serve to rejuvenate the skin and augment the results of fat transfer augmentation. Courteney Cox has achieved proficient facial contouring through the combination of two minimally invasive and safe procedures. It ahs given her a youthful glow that befits her age. Although, many would agree that she needs to calm down on the Botox injections because they give her somewhat an unrealistic look.

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