What Is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal?

Hollywood Laser Hair Removal

You must have heard of a new term, “Hollywood Laser Hair Removal” in the field of cosmetic surgery. Even though it sounds like a new treatment but it is not. Hollywood Laser Hair Removal refers to the complete removal of pubic hair from the genital areas of men and women with the help of laser. The reason it is getting a lot of popularity is that it removes pubic hair from everywhere even from the surroundings of the genital areas.

 Let’s dive deeper into the details of Hollywood Laser Hair Removal so that you can understand the procedure in detail.

How is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal Different?

There are many ways to remove a pubic hair from male and female genital areas. In most of the basic methods, hair is removed only from the top or along the sides of the bikini line. While this is not the case in Hollywood laser hair removal. It removes all the hair on the pubic bone and leaves no trace hair. It can also cover highly sensitive areas around the genital areas like lower abdomen, labia, and hips. This is the main reason that Hollywood laser hair removal is unique.

How is it performed?

Hollywood laser hair removal is performed just like any other laser hair removal procedure. It takes approximately 20 minutes for completion. A laser light is used to target the hair follicles in the genital areas and melanin is destroyed which is found within the follicles.

Once the melanin pigment absorbs the light pulse from the laser, it destroys the hair follicle and reduces its growth. It does not damage the surrounding skin and only targets the hair follicles, restricting their growth. You will require almost 6-8 sessions to see noticeable results that can last for several months.

Benefits of Hollywood Laser Hair Removal

The benefits you can get from Hollywood laser treatment can vary from one person to another. It is a safe procedure and has significant advantages.

For many people either men or women, it is a cosmetic procedure to get rid of pubic hair and enhance their appearance. It has noticeable advantages for people associated with sports like swimmers especially females. They will not have to shave or wax pubic hair every month and can focus on their career efficiently. However, for some people, it can be an effective way to enhance their sexual functions.

Hollywood laser hair removal can also help you in getting rid of ingrown hair. As you know that genital areas have very soft and delicate skin and pubic hair is very thick and coarse. So, only a laser treatment can help you in removing ingrown hair successfully. 

The Final Verdict

In short, Hollywood laser hair removal treatment is an appropriate option to remove a pubic hair from genital areas completely. It does not cause pain unlike waxing or shaving and is skin-friendly too. If you are still confused about the Hollywood laser hair removal treatment and want more information, visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic today. Our experts will guide you about the treatment and will answer all your questions regarding the procedure. So, fill in the form given below and get a free consultation with our laser skin specialists.