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Laser Skin Tightening Cost

Laser skin tightening is a unique facial rejuvenation option that produces really very effective results. It effectively reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and sagginess resulting in more youthful and smoother appearance. It is considered an effective and less expensive alternative of invasive surgeries available for skin tightening. So, it is perfect option for those who want to rejuvenate their facial appearance without going under the knife. Though laser skin tightening is less expensive than other surgical options, still you need to know about the cost of procedure.

It is very difficult to determine the exact cost of laser skin tightening because it varies from clinic to clinic and even from one patient to another depending on many different factors. So, if you want to know about the exact cost, you should visit dermatologist or laser specialist. However, while estimating the cost of the procedure, various factors need consideration. These factors are mentioned below:

Practitioner’s Experience:
The experience of practitioner or laser expert you have selected for the treatment is directly related to the cost of treatment. Highly experienced and qualified practitioner, having good reputation, will charge you more than the one who has comparatively less experience and is not much popular.

Reputation and Location of Clinic:
Having laser skin tightening in a reputed clinic offering the latest facilities to its clients is often expensive. Geographic location also affects the cost of treatment. Having treatment done in UK or US is more expensive as compared to certain other regions. UAE states are perfect option for getting less expensive and effective laser skin tightening.

Treatment Area:
The cost of laser skin tightening varies depending on the treatment area also. The treatment can be performed on various areas like face, neck and abdomen and the cost for every area will be different. However, it is important to know that the cost is still quite less than surgical options available for the rejuvenation of same area.

Size of Treatment Area:
The cost of the treatment also depends on the size of the treatment area. Having treatment done on large areas is expensive than smaller areas. However, it is also important to know that you can also have laser tightening in multiple areas. In this case, you may get treatment at lower price. You must know about the financing options also.

Amount of Sagginess:
Extent of sagginess is an important factor that can affect the entire cost of procedure. Treating mild to moderate sagginess is less expensive than treating severe sagginess on the same area. So, the cost of procedure may be higher if you are experiencing severe sagginess.

Type of Laser:
Various kinds of lasers are available for skin tightening and the cost of the procedure varies depending on the type used. The treatment and the outcomes are different for every type of laser and same is the case with cost.

If you want to have laser skin tightening or want to know more about this treatment, book a free consultation with our experts or have a free online consultation by filling in the consultation form on our website.

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