Kim Kardashian’s Laser Hair Removal Confessions

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Kim Kardashian’s new look is no secret. We have all noticed her improved appearance. Surprisingly Kim is quite open about her insecurities and her beauty-related issues. What else you expect out of a reality TV star? Apart from all other transformations, she has been openly talking about her obsession with the laser hair removal as well. Therefore, today we will discuss her laser removal confessions.

Kim Kardashian’s Laser Hair Removal Confession


When we look back at the photos of our beloved and ever-entertaining Kim Kardashian, we can notice a visible difference in her appearance. She has transformed drastically over the years. It seems like there was a baby Kim once a while ago. While there is not only one certain thing that has transformed her appearance, one of the most talked-about subjects is Kim Kardashian’s laser hair removal. Her hair simply vanished from her face, neck and particularly forehead and left smooth skin.


She confesses that she definitely had confidence issues due to her baby hairs on forehead. She said that baby hair on her forehead not only looked unappealing but they also caused excessive breakout as well. She definitely found a fix to this problem. Laser hair removal transformed her forehead and look completely.

Hairline, Neck and Baby Hair

Her hairline was definitely more noticeable but that’s not the only thing that she altered. She also transformed her neckline. She said that she had the hairiest forehead and neck. They were never seen on the media as all her photos got photoshopped anyways. Prior to this big change, she had used other temporary hair removal methods too.
She now claims that after choosing laser hair removal for her baby hair, she is now missing them as they appeared more youthful.

But she definitely does not miss hair on the rest of her body especially her face and neck. She painfully claims that she had the furriest face ever which hindered everything including makeup. Her skin definitely looks much better and refined after getting rid of that peach fuzz. You can notice evident results by comparing her before and after snaps.


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