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hair removal for men in Abu Dhabi

People might think that bushy facial hairs are bad but what’s more problematic is the situation when the hairs on your body grow exponentially out of control. In the past hair removal was women’s problem but that had changed over the years.

Hair Removal for Men

According to experts, more than ever men are getting their body hair permanently removed if not removed then at least thinned out. Most men don’t know how to deal with their excessive hairs unlike the women because to women hair removal is second nature.

If you are thinking about Hair Removal for Men in Abu Dhabi then Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers the best treatment which is performed by expert surgeons.

There are specific parts of the human body on which hair growth is to be expected these parts includes legs, underarms, area around genitals and face. Then there are people who sprout hair from unexpected places like back, hands, and shoulders e.tc.

Body hairs are to be expected too. However, the problem starts when you get dark and thick hair. At that point, people will look like they are wearing a rug of hair on that place. What do they do when that happens? They get rid of it, right?

Want Permanent hair removal?

What happens when you wax it or shave it? They grow back you remove them again and they will be back in no time. People try every method from waxing to shaving to hair removing cream but they grow back. Have you ever thought about having laser hair removal? It is a procedure which can completely and permanently remove hair from the body.

If you are tired of threading, shaving, and waxing or are not happy with the results then laser hair removal or IPL hair removal might be options for you.

Laser Hair Removal

This is the method which uses an intense laser to kill the roots of the hair.

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How does it work?

Laser hair removal uses the heating ability of light to heat up the fossils of hairs. Lesser light is more targeted as a beam of the laser is narrower and more focused so it can easily target a small area and penetrate deeper without dispersing. This method can even produce a beam consisting of only one color. Due to this it can penetrate even deeper into the skin and can work on all skin colors. A laser can travel deeper into the skin to directly destroy the follicles and stop hair growth altogether. Which is the reason it is used in the treatment of a specific area.

Benefits of laser

The benefits of a laser are the following:


The laser can accurately dark course hairs or desired area while leaving the surrounding area harmless.


A laser can remove many hairs in seconds as it covers more area in less time.

Good Results

Most candidates experience permanent hair loss after three to seven sessions.

Preparation beforehand

Don’t wax, tweeze or bleach before the treatment just shave.

If the patient is using tanners regularly then he should stop that. During the preparation stay away from the direct sunlight.

The candidates should shave day and night before their treatment but not on the day of treatment.

Use non-performer shaving cream and products.

Make sure to have a clean and sharp razor every time you shave.

Don’t dry shave the area that needs treatment.

IPL Hair Removal

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. It is similar to laser hair removal, however, there are a couple of differences between the two methods. Although the principle of both these methods is the same.

How does it work?

IPL uses visible light also known as broad spectrum as its source. The light in IPL is controlled meaning shorter wavelengths such as ultraviolet are removed because they are damaging to health. In hair removal treatment its function is to target the melanin pigment of hairs. The light energy is absorbed by hairs which then heats up the hair due to this heat follicles are damaged.

Which one should you choose?

Choosing IPL or Laser treatment depends entirely on the candidate’s decision. It also depends on your candidate’s hair color skin tone because it can greatly affect the end result. So it’s in the candidate’s best interest to understand what’s good for them in order to achieve the best outcome.

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Benefits of IPL

IPL uses a broader spectrum which means that its light will spread out more and will cover more area. This also means that it would take lesser time to complete the sessions. Due to its quicker treatment time, it is considerably cheaper but you will need more session to get the same results as laser hair removal.

Due to the fact that IPL uses a broader spectrum of light, it can be used for different purposes. Due to these characteristics, it can treat different types of skin conditions. It can be set to a different light spectrum which means that it can be altered to different treatments and skin colors.

Benefits of Laser hair removal

Laser light is more intense which means that it can penetrate deeper into the skin. It can easily focus into the pores and can reach follicle which can help in preventing the regrowth of hair. Due to its penetrating nature, it can easily heat up and damage the hair more quickly. Therefore it can give good result in lesser sessions.

It can be more suited for people with darker skin due to the fact that it is more specific and focused. Darker skin absorbs more light than paler skin just like darker hairs if IPL is used on darker skin then there is a chance that it will burn up the skin as IPL uses shower of light. A laser is more suited for people with darker skin as there will be less chance of burning up. However, some IPL system can work on darker skins.

Hair Removal from Sensitive parts

The face and the Brazilian region are sensitive parts of the skin. Therefore before going forward with procedure one should know which method is good for them. It will all depend on your hair color and skin color.

If you want to know more about Hair Removal for Men Abu Dhabi before actually going through treatment then feel free to contact Dubai Cosmetic Surgery as we offer free online consultation with experts. All you need to do is fill the form below and you are good to go.

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