Has Adam Levine Undergone A Hair Transplant?

Has Adam Levine Undergone A Hair Transplant?

We all know who Adam Levine is, the lead singer of Maroon 5 and the celebrity crush of millions of women all over the world. This 41-year-old heartthrob made headlines when he decided to pull off the completely bald look for his new music video. His fans were shocked and wanted to know why did Adam Levine shave his head? It raised many questions and speculations were being made if Adam was getting bald naturally or he was getting hair transplants all along.

Let’s dig into the details of this topic to reach a conclusion in the light of some strong evidence.  

Adam Levine Balding

Adam’s fans were suspicious and could not help but wonder why did Adam Levine cut his hair? After all, no one wants to lose such luscious and sexy hair locks that Adam had. As a result, a new debate started. People started looking for his pictures to see if he was suffering from visible hair loss which made him shave his head. And the pictorial pieces of evidence showed that he might have been suffering from male pattern baldness because he had spare spots at the frontal part of his scalp. His pictures from the year 2007 clearly show his balding spots. However, Adam Levine has stated that he got bald by choice in his tweet.

Adam Levine Hair Transplant

The rumors of Adam Levine hair transplant have been making rounds all over the web for quite a long time now. He has also been discussed on various forums for his visible signs of hair loss. Even though Adam has not confirmed this rumor, his pictures over the years state the opposite. If you take a look at his pictures with short hair you will observe a visibly receding hairline which is not identifiable with long hair. In Levine’s latest pictures not only his hairline is appearing to be thicker and fuller but his spare spots also seem to be covered. 

It clearly shows that he has gone under the knife for the restoration of his receding hairline. You will also observe that his hairline has shifted forward which was not the case before. It is not possible to achieve this goal without any surgery because no hair loss treatment is as effective as a transplant. Fame Watcher and Bald Celebrities have also given two cents on this matter and stated that, 

“Levine looked like he was once losing a battle with male pattern baldness, but his hair looks fuller in recent years, and his hairline looks like it may have shifted forward a bit. It’s truly hard to tell whether he just changed his hairstyle, or whether he went under the knife for a hair transplant, but he definitely seems to have better hair than he did before (although it still appears to be thinning a bit).”

Is there enough evidence?

No one can state it with affirmation that Adam Levine has undergone a hair transplant. Everyone is making speculations, until and unless Adam himself confirms the news. But the pictures we find on the internet are strong evidence to support the rumors of Adam Levine’s Hair Transplant. Some people are also of the view that Adam might have used a wig or a toupee to fill the spare spots on the scalp and he might not have undergone hair transplant surgery. 

It can be a possibility but filling agents like wigs and toupees are a temporary solution that can be used by these celebrities occasionally. However, Levine is always found with the same hair density even with short hair. It means he is not using hair pieces or wigs.

Does Hair Transplant Produce Natural Looking Results?

Yes. The biggest advantage of hair transplant surgery is that it gives natural results. You cannot identify if a person has undergone transplant which is why celebrities like Adam Levine are opting for it. During a hair transplant, hairs are taken from the back of the scalp where there is sufficient hair supply and transplanted to the area that needs hair. The results are permanent and natural-looking.

The Bottom Line

In short, it might be true that Adam Levine has undergone hair transplant to improve his hairline but it is mere speculation. You can also undergo a hair transplant if you are suffering from hair loss and want to restore your hair growth. You can consult with our hair transplant surgeons at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic for a detailed discussion about the treatment. We offer a free initial consultation to our patients and you can book your appointment by filling the form given below.