Hair Transplant for 1 Dirham

Hair Transplant

Over the years, Dubai has become a hub for medical tourism. This is because this part of the world is home to several state-of-the-art medical facilities meticulously regulated by the Dubai Health Authority. In this city, patients can access a wide array of medical and cosmetic treatments that are both safe and cost-effective. One treatment that has gained significant popularity among local and international communities in recent years is an affordable hair transplant for 1 Dirham.

In this article, we will briefly explain the 1 Dirham Hair Transplant initiative, how it differs from traditional hair transplant plans, and where to get this treatment.

What is 1 Dirham Hair Transplant Initiative? How Does It Work?

The term “1 dirham hair transplant” mainly refers to a unique pricing structure that differs from the traditional hair transplant pricing mechanism followed by most clinics across UAE.

At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we use 1 Dirham Hair Transplant to facilitate the growing number of candidates with diverse hair restoration goals. With this plan, patients are charged 1 dirham for 1 hair, allowing them to opt for a more personalized and cost-effective treatment plan.

Generally, a complete hair transplant in Dubai can cost anywhere between AED 6000 to AED 13500, which may not be affordable or viable for many candidates. With 1 dirham hair transplant, the total cost of the treatment is determined based on the number of hairs transplanted to the bald spots. Not only does it help our patients get natural-looking treatment results, but they can also save significantly on the treatment cost.

How does the Hair Transplant for 1 Dirham help save money?

Many people seeking a hair transplant suffer from the early stages of alopecia or have bald spots. Such patients may require fewer grafts than a traditional hair transplant. With the 1 Dirham Hair Transplant at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, candidates are billed based on the number of transplanted hairs instead of being put into fixed-price slabs.

Typically, patients with early stages of baldness or small bald spots may require 600-800 hair grafts, while patients with slightly more significant bald spots may need up to 2000 hair grafts. Since each graft can contain 1-4 hairs, patients may be charged a fee ranging from AED 1500 to AED 4000 under the 1 Dirham Hair Transplant program. This option can be more cost-effective compared to conventionally priced hair transplants.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hair Transplant

The exact cost of the 1 dirham hair transplant is evaluated on the basis of the following factors.

The Number of Hair Grafts

The most significant pricing factor for the Hair Transplant for 1 Dirham is the number of hair grafts. The price of the treatment will go up with a higher number of grafts being moved to the recipient region.

Level of Baldness

The number of required hair grafts is determined based on the level of baldness. Patients with early stages of baldness/alopecia or small bald spots typically need fewer grafts than those with more significant hair thinning or bald patches.

Anesthesia and Mediations

The type of anesthesia used during a hair transplant can significantly impact the final cost of the treatment. General anesthesia costs higher than local anesthesia or sedation. The anesthetic solution to be administered is generally determined during the evaluation phase, as your doctor will analyze your level of baldness and pain threshold.

Wrapping Up

The hair transplant for 1 Dirham is a revolutionary initiative to facilitate candidates requiring fewer hair grafts or those seeking a more cost-effective alternative to a full hair transplant.

At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we offer 1 Dirham Hair Transplant through the hands of highly experienced and skilled surgeons who provide the highest quality care. With this option, we strive to deliver satisfactory, natural-looking results while helping you save money on hair restoration.

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