What are the Donor Area Options for Beard Transplant?

Beard Transplant

A thicker and fuller beard is considered a sign of masculinity among men. The majority of men desire to have a full beard but not everyone is blessed with it. Some have patchy beards and some have very limited beard growth. There can be many reasons for it like genetics, hormones, lifestyle factors, and injury, etc. Therefore, procedures like beard transplants are becoming popular. It enables you to achieve the goals that genetics will not allow you to achieve. 

With time, beard transplants have gone through a lot of changes and now the procedure has improved greatly. However, the two common questions that people ask about beard transplant are how is it performed and what are the donor area options for it?

Let’s dive into the details of the treatment to answer these questions.

What is a beard transplant?

Beard transplant is a type of hair transplant that restores the hair growth in the beard area. People with patchy beards can opt for it to get a proper thick beard. It also works on the same principle i.e. extracting the hair grafts from the donor area and transplanting them to the desired area.

How is it performed?

The beard transplant procedure is time taking and requires almost 3-8 hours for completion. The technique used to perform the beard transplant is an FUE hair transplant. First of all, local anesthesia is administered around the head if the donor’s hair is to be taken from the back of the head. One by one hair follicles are removed from the donor region and grafts are collected. 

After that, tiny incisions are made into the beard area to insert the grafts.  While making incisions for transplantation, some important factors are to be considered such as the density, direction and angulation of hair. A high rate of precision is required at this point during the procedure because it determines how natural the beard will look and grow. Here’s where the expertise of a surgeon is involved and required.

Donor Area Options 

You need to know what areas can be used as a donor for a beard transplant before undergoing the procedure. As you know the hair used in transplant surgery should be the patient’s own hair. Another person’s hair cannot be used as donor’s hair. The two most common donor areas for beard transplant are;

  • The back of the patient’s scalp 
  • The area under the chin of the patient 

Even though the area under the chin is a good spot to be used as the donor area for beard transplant, the scalp is most commonly used. Surgeons prefer to take donor hair from the back of the scalp because it is easy to predict the results with scalp hair. The main aim while performing beard transplant surgery is to use hair that matches the beard perfectly and grows exceptionally. And scalp hair is the best option in this regard. They are easy to harvest too and the success rate of scalp hair is also greater. If the procedure is performed accurately, the density of hair at the back of the head does not get affected. 

The Bottom Line 

In short, a beard transplant is the best option to get a fuller and thicker beard. Although it is not the only solution to patchiness or low growth rate on the beard, it offers permanent results. The choice of donor area for beard transplant depends on the surgeon but most commonly hair is taken from the scalp or area under the chin. Your surgeon will choose the area based on the characteristic of hair like density, caliber, and curliness. 

Therefore, if you are planning to undergo a beard transplant, choose the hair transplant surgeon and the clinic wisely. Your surgeon should have proven experience of performing a beard transplant because it is a complex and expensive procedure. You cannot afford any negligence because any carelessness from the surgeon’s end can result in complications. So, do your homework and gather all the information regarding the procedure. 

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