When Does Breast Lift Become a Necessity?

When Breast Lifting Becomes a Necessity

Also known as Mastopexy, breast lift surgery is usually done with the aim of repositioning the breast nipples and removing excess breast skin. It makes sure that the surrounding breast tissues are tight and give your breasts a more contoured and perky look.

One may need a breast lift surgery due to a number of reasons that can make a woman’s breasts change over time. These reasons include breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, aging, the pull of gravity, hormones, and genetics.

Breast lift becomes a necessity when your breasts begin to sag and cause you a lot of trouble. An easy way to find out if your breasts require a lift is to put a pencil underneath your breasts to see if it stays there. If it does, then you surely need a Mastopexy, if not, then you do not need one.

How a Mastopexy is done?

After having a consultation with your plastic surgeon, you should decide to go ahead with the procedure. The breast lift is done on an outpatient basis, meaning that you will not spend the night at the hospital (not unless there are complications which are very rare). General anesthesia will be used.

The plastic surgeon will then get rid of the extra skin and tissue that is causing your breasts to sag. This will lift your breasts to the predetermined position and will re-position the nipples and areola as well. The surgeon will then close up and bandage your breasts. Depending on the severity of the breast lift, the plastic surgeon might attach drains to your breasts.

After Mastopexy surgery

After the first day, you will have to go back to the plastic surgeon for a follow-up. During this first visit, he will remove the drains as well as check the blood supply to your breasts and if the color of the nipples is correct. The clinic will provide you with a surgical bra that you will wear throughout your recovery period.

During the first week, you will feel soar which is expected. Hence, the plastic surgeon will prescribe some pain medication during this time. Also, you should avoid straining yourself, especially the breast area, because it might cause bleeding and more swelling. A few days later the stitches will be removed, but you will keep on wearing your support bra for some time.

What to expect?

  1. A breast lift will not increase the size of your breasts. The only thing it will change is the shape and contour that might have been lost over the course of the years.
  2. You can have breast implants at the same time you are having a breast lift.
  3. You can breastfeed after undergoing a breast lift
  4. If you plan on losing weight or getting pregnant after undergoing the breast lift, it is advisable to do this before the surgery. It is because they might set the results of the surgery backward, and you might need another breast lift surgery.
  5. Your nipples may lose a bit of sensation, but this will return after some time. It might be weeks or even months.
  6. You might experience scarring afterward, which will disappear over time.

The Bottom Line

There can be various reasons for sagging breasts among women which differ from patient to patient. However, it becomes crucial to treat this condition when your body and mental health starts suffering because of sagging breasts. In this situation, a breast lift is the ultimate solution. If you want to have breast lift surgery and want to know more about it then consult with our expert surgeons at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. They will examine you physically and will suggest you the best-suited procedure.