What You Need To Know About a Tummy Tuck Scar

Tummy Tuck Scar

Tummy Tuck Surgery is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedures. It is an ideal but invasive procedure to remove excess fat from the tummy area and flatten it. People who want to keep themselves healthy and fit should regularly exercise. Exercise and dieting can keep the body well-contoured and in shape. However, excess fat on localized areas of the body is often unresponsive to exercise, dieting, and weight loss programs. The most common site for fat accumulation is the tummy. Tummy Tuck Surgery or Abdominoplasty is an ideal option for flattening the abdomen. Furthermore, women undergo a tummy tuck after pregnancy to get their pre-pregnancy look again.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Scar

Tummy Tuck Surgery is an invasive surgical procedure involving incisions that leave scars. Most of the patients are scared of undergoing tummy tuck surgery because of the scars. However, there is no need to worry about this issue. An expert surgeon ensures to place incisions in areas where they are well-hidden in the clothing and not noticeable. However, you must know how the scars will look after the surgery and how their appearance can be minimized.

The appearance of scars caused by Tummy Tuck Surgery is dependent on the technique used for the procedure. Before and after pictures of the procedure can make you informed about the variation in the appearance of scars. Certain steps allow the surgeon to ensure that the scar is well-placed and thin enough to become unnoticeable.

Let’s learn about the appearance of scars depending on the types of Tummy Tuck Surgery.

Types of Incisions

A complete Tummy Tuck Surgery, in which excess fat and skin are removed and muscles are tightened, requires two incisions. These two locations for incisions are:

  • Horizontal incision – hip to hip incision placed below the bikini line for removal of stretch marks and excess skin.
  • Belly button incision – placed in the belly button area to ensure the natural shape of the belly button.

Horizontal Scar

Most people are familiar with the horizontal scar caused by Tummy Tuck Surgery. This scar is caused by the hip to hip horizontal incision. The only important thing to ensure is that the incision is made below the bikini line. This means the scar should be low enough that the bikini hides it. Therefore, the mark for the incision should be made after pulling the skin; otherwise, the scar will be too high. For hiding the scar well below the bikini line, the incision should not be more than 3 inches above the vaginal crease.

Belly Button Scar

Most people don’t know that Tummy Tuck Surgery also requires an incision in the belly button. The scar caused by this type of incision is in the shape of an inverted U. This is because it duplicates the shape of the belly button. Sometimes, the scar is also made to look like an inverted Y. However, the round scar caused by the incision in the belly button looks unnatural.

Both the incisions mentioned above should be made with extreme care so they remain well-hidden. You should discuss this issue during the consultation. Moreover, your surgeon will guide you about how the scars look after surgery and how you can hide them.

In short, Tummy Tuck Surgery is a surgical procedure, so you cannot prevent scarring after surgery. However, the scar can be well-hidden by making incisions in the right place. If you are looking for Tummy Tuck Surgery in Dubai, visit our clinic today. You can also schedule a free online consultation by filling out the form below.