Reasons for Having Nose Surgery


Think about your nose for a while; it’s the first feature that most people notice on your face and the reason is its central position on the face. Now, there is another fact associated with noses that nobody has a perfect nose – even the Hollywood stars shining on your screens don’t have it. Now, this is the reason that nose surgeries are becoming more and more popular. Apart from aesthetic purposes, nose surgery can also be performed for medical reasons.

What is Nose Surgery?

Nose surgery also known as rhinoplasty is a complicated surgical procedure in which alterations are made in the nose. There are various techniques for this surgery in which incisions can be made either inside the nose or outside it. Nose surgery can bring various modifications to the nose but it requires considerable experience and skill for successful results.

Reasons to opt for Nose Surgery

There are various reasons for having nose surgery and here you will come to know about them in detail.

Nose Surgery for Aesthetic Reasons

The nose is the most prominent and central feature of your face, which can either make or mar the whole appearance of your face. Some people have bumps on the nose bridge and others consider it too small or too big. Some people had undergone nose surgery but are unsatisfied with the outcomes and want improvement. Whatever the reason is, nose surgery can help you out in an effective way. Nose surgery can’t change the structure of the nose but it brings considerable improvements in its appearance and brings balance with the rest of the facial features. Even a slight change in its shape or size can greatly improve your facial appearance. Nose surgery can be done for the following cosmetic reasons.

  • To make the nose bridge even by removing bumps.
  • To make a nose smaller or bigger.
  • To change the size and shape of nostrils.
  • To change the size and shape of the nose tip.

Nose Surgery for Medical Reasons

You might have heard about deviated septum. It’s a name for a medical condition in which nasal septum – center cartilage of nose – is off-center. This condition creates difficulty in breathing that results in sinusitis or sinus infections. It is estimated that more than eighty percent of people suffer from this condition and nose surgery is the solution to this problem. Some people have this problem by birth and others suffer from it due to some accident or injury. Whatever the reason is, nose surgery can solve it by correcting the deviation of the septum.

Nose Surgery for a Deformed Nose

Sometimes, you do have an absolutely satisfying nose but unfortunately, it gets deformed in some accident or injury. The damage may affect the bone, cartilage, or skin tissues of the nose. Nose surgery does not promise perfect results but it can provide you with highly satisfying outcomes. Sometimes additional grafts of cartilage are also required to give a proper shape to the nose.

In short, there are various reasons for having nose surgery but whatever the reason is, you can avail of considerable improvement in the nose after undergoing the surgery. As mentioned above, you need to find an experienced surgeon for your rhinoplasty because it is a very complicated surgery. Only a well-qualified surgeon can provide you with the desired results. Finding the best surgeon for your nose surgery is not a problem anymore because Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is offering rhinoplasty and has a team of leading surgeons. You can book an appointment by filling the form below or by calling us on the given numbers.