Preparing for your Rhinoplasty Surgery?

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Preparing for your Rhinoplasty Surgery

Do you feel your nose is not of perfect size? Are humps and depressions on your nose making you conscious? Do you feel your nose tip needs improvement? If your answer to any of the aforementioned questions is yes, it’s not only you, who is facing this problem. There are many men and women who are not blessed with perfect shape and size of nose. But there is a solution to all your problems that is rhinoplasty – nose surgery. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that can help you achieve the perfect shape and size of the nose.

However, before making any decision, know what you will need to do to prepare for surgery. Continue reading to find out.

How to prepare for rhinoplasty?

During the consultation with your plastic surgeon prior to rhinoplasty procedure, your surgeon will give you a customized list of pre-op instructions. Most of these instructions are common for every rhinoplasty candidate. Listed below are some of them:

Avoid certain medications: Avoid aspirin and all the medications that contain blood thinning agents for about two weeks before surgery. Such medications increase the risk of bleeding and delay the healing process. However, take your prescribed medications regularly. The only over the counter medicine that surgeons usually recommend to take is Tylenol.

Discontinue use of all diet pills: Discontinue the use of all diet pills before your surgery. They can adversely affect your health and cause blood clotting. Moreover, they can give rise to heart rate, respiratory or blood pressure concerns.

Quit smoking: If you are a smoker, it is very important to quit smoking prior to surgery. It is because smoking can hinder the healing process making your recovery longer. It also increases the chances of getting infections.

Refrain from alcohol: Alcoholic drinks can also increase the risk of infections and delay wound healing. So, refrain from alcoholic drinks for about a week prior to the procedure. Also, don’t take caffeinated drinks two days before surgery.

Avoid all herbal supplements: You should avoid herbal supplements for around two weeks before nose surgery.

Take multivitamins: You must take multivitamins regularly with the consent of your plastic surgeon to prepare your body for surgery. The more nutrients your body will have, the healthier you will be and you will heal and recover faster.

Avoid excessive sun exposure: Be careful and avoid excessive sun exposure before your nose surgery. Don’t forget to wear a strong sunscreen before going outdoors.

Now we will discuss the things you need to do immediately before your surgery. Read on to know!

Bring someone with you: It is important to bring someone with you so that he or she can drive you home safely after surgery as you will be under the effect of anesthesia.

Remove makeup: Remove makeup and any cosmetic products before surgery. Shaving is a must for men before surgery. Wear loose clothes on the day of surgery.

Eat something light on the day of surgery: If your surgeon is planning to use a local anesthetic for surgery, eat light breakfast on the day of surgery. However, in the case of general anesthesia, do not eat anything a night before surgery.

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All these pointers must be kept in mind before you decide to undergo rhinoplasty surgery. Following these pre-surgery instructions not only helps you in fast recovery but gives desired results too. Similarly, they will minimize the chance of complications. So, are you seeking the right place to get rhinoplasty in Dubai? If yes then Dubai Cosmetic Surgery® is worth considering. To book an appointment with our highly experienced and board-certified cosmetic surgeons, call us now or fill the free online consultation form below.

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