Minimum Age for Cosmetic Procedures

Minimum Age for Cosmetic Procedures

Like other things, such as driving, drinking, or eligibility to work, cosmetic surgery procedures also have a minimum age requirement. This is because cosmetic surgery contains potential risks and complications that may not be suitable for minors. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA, has regulated a minimum age for each cosmetic procedure. The patient must be of the required minimum age to be eligible for these procedures.

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery has become quite popular. The young people see their favorite celebrities getting treatments, and they also want to get them. Many teenagers wonder if they can get these procedures done, such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, etc.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures and Their Minimum Age Requirements

Let us have a look at some popular cosmetic surgery procedures and their minimum age requirements.


Usually, when a child enters the early teenage, he/she begins to despise his/her nose the most. They are still in the growing age, and their facial features are disproportionate with the nose. During puberty, the nose appears much larger than the rest of the features. However, this state is just temporary, and with age, the facial features start harmonizing. As a result of balanced proportions, the nose begins appearing smaller.

For this reason, young people are recommended to wait until facial growth is complete. It means at least 13 to 14 years for girls and 14 to 15 years for boys. However, there is no official minimum age limit for this procedure, but surgeons prefer fully developed individuals. Teenagers are recommended to consider Rhinoplasty once they reach maturity.


For liposuction, the minimum age that surgeons suggest is from 17 to 18 years. Since teenagers are of a vulnerable mind, their psychological and emotional development should be assessed before the surgery. Youngsters suffer from negative body images, and many surgeons would recommend them to see counselors or psychologists. However, teenagers with acute obesity cases may be considered for liposuction to improve their health. Generally, surgeons suggest teenagers pass the age of 18 for this surgery.

Breast Augmentation

FDA has strict policies regarding breast augmentation. According to the FDA, a woman needs to be mature physically and mentally to undergo a procedure of this nature. The average minimum age for breast augmentation is between 19 and 34 years. FDA does not allow any cosmetic breast augmentation below the age of 18, but reconstructive surgery is permitted.

Laser Eye Surgery

For laser eye surgery, there is no restriction on age limit. It is because glasses prescription remains relatively stable at the age of 20 to 21. The right candidate for this surgery must have a relatively stable lens prescription. LASIK is safe for teens, but it is not recommended for most teenagers. The best time to undergo eye surgery is once your eyes have fully developed and stopped evolving. It happens mostly in the late teenage years or at the age of 20.

The Bottom Line

For undergoing any cosmetic procedure, be that for aesthetic or medical reasons, a surgeon’s recommendation is crucial. Choose an expert surgeon and schedule a free consultation session with them. During the session, they will study your case and guide you accordingly. You can clarify your confusion and ask questions. It is essential to make a well-informed decision.