How Much Sculptra Butt Lift Costs?


Do you want to enhance the appearance of your butt? Are you looking for a butt lift procedure that makes your body properly contoured and in shape?? If yes then you should go for the butt lift procedure which is surgical in nature. However, if you are afraid of surgeries then you can also opt for a non-surgical alternative i.e. Sculptra butt lift.

As far as, the cost of Sculptra butt lift is concerned, different factors play their part in calculating the total cost. It varies depending upon these factors and therefore, it is hard to give an exact estimate of the cost. Read on to get detailed information about the cost.

What is Sculptra Butt Lift?

Sculptra butt lift is an advanced non-surgical alternate to traditional butt lift that allows you to make your butt look fuller and more beautiful. During the treatment, Sculptra fillers are injected into the targeted area under the skin. These injections stimulate collagen production and give a firmer feeling to the buttocks. If you want to get a contoured and shaped body just like celebrities then this procedure is the best choice for you.

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Factors Affecting Cost

The cost of Sculptra butt lift varies from person to person. It is because every person comes with different requirements. Also, the expertise of the practitioner, location of the clinic, and other related aspects also differ in every case and contribute to the cost.

  • Practitioner’s Expertise

Practitioner’s expertise is considered as the first and foremost factor that may affect the overall cost. You need to do thorough research regarding the skills, certifications, and other aspects regarding your practitioner before getting the treatment. Please note that a practitioner should be board-certified and must have extensive experience in this field. A highly experienced surgeon will cost more. The expertise of the practitioner is an important factor, as it affects the results too. Your practitioner can provide you desired results only when he has enough skills and expertise.

  • Location

Location is another factor that plays a role in decreasing and increasing the cost. Dubai is considered as the hub of aesthetic procedures and the price here is justified as it contains highly professional, reputable, and board-certified surgeons. So, if a little raise occurs in the cost due to this reason then it is justified. After all, the quality of the treatment matters more than money.

  • Required Dosage

Another important factor that impacts the cost is the required dosage of fillers. If you need more enhancement or a large area is required to cover then obviously more amount of fillers are required. In this way, the calculated cost will be more than usual. After the proper assessment, your practitioner will let you know about the overall cost.

  • Multiple Sessions

Sometimes, 1 to 2 sessions are enough but if the case is severe then you may need multiple sessions to get your desired results. In this situation, the cost will be more dependent on the required number of sessions.


Sculptra butt lift is an amazing non-surgical butt lift procedure that gives you the desired results without letting you go under the knife. Its cost may vary but whatever the price may be, it is going to be an investment that will give you a desired shape and appearance. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offers Sculptra butt lift treatment in all of its clinics.

Before making any decision, it is recommended to make a consultation with one of our expert practitioners. We have made it simpler for you to contact us and get your desired aesthetic procedure. We are considered as one of the best spots in Dubai to get Sculpture fillers. So, what are you waiting for when you have such an amazing chance to achieve your desired body? Book your consultation now by filling the following form!