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Examining cheekbone reduction surgery

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Examining cheekbone reduction surgery

An ideal face is considered to be the one in which all the features are in perfect proportion. Like there are faces in which there is absolutely nothing wrong, there can also be some which certainly need some corrections. Like some people are not happy with for example the shape of their nose, the very shape of the whole face may not be alluring due to abnormally grown or wider cheek bones. They are known as “chipmunk cheeks” and can be contoured through cheek reduction which is one of the commonly performed cosmetic procedures.

Although there is nothing wrong with chipmunk cheeks and for some this may be adding up more to their attraction. However, there are some who may not feel comfortable with chipmunk cheeks and may look for cheekbone reduction surgery at some stage in life. This surgery is very much common in Caucasians because majority of them do not have defined cheekbones. In some cases the surgery may also require implants placed under the cheeks for attaining a well balanced face.

If you really want to know whether or not you are an ideal candidate for cheekbone reduction surgery then it is very simple to find out. Just stand in front of the mirror and either try whistling or take a sip of something using straw. If you do not like the look of your face because some extra fat has accumulated in the chin then a procedure called buccal fat removal works best to improve your condition. This is ideal for people with puffy cheeks which give them an overweight look.

There are many surgeries which keep on baffling people with different names. As we are talking about cheek reduction so the buccal fat removal involved in this case may also be named as buccal fat pad surgery in some texts. It must be clear that there is no difference between the two and the sole purpose is reduction of chubby cheeks that may be caused by weight gain or genetic factors.

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