Doing Rhinoplasty the Right Way


Rhinoplasty is a quite famous cosmetic surgery that is done either to improve the size or shape of the nose or to correct any defects due to structural deformity. It is a quite complicated surgery and requires time for a full recovery. Furthermore, it is important to perform it correctly and follow your surgeon’s instructions strictly to get successful results and avoid complications. Most people get attracted by what the surgeon says and become ready for the procedure but in reality, rhinoplasty is a difficult procedure and requires it to be done in the right way.

Here you will come to know how rhinoplasty can be done in the right way but before that let’s know what rhinoplasty exactly is.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty – also known as nose surgery – is a procedure in which alterations are done in the nose to enhance its physical appearance or to correct functional defects. The alterations may involve reduction or augmentation of nasal structures, removal of skin tissues or a part of cartilage, and grafting cartilage. A deviated septum is straightened and any projections in the nose are removed to improve breathing.

How do get it done correctly?

Now when it comes to performing the procedure correctly, the first step is to find out an experienced surgeon. You should seek a cosmetic surgeon who has expertise in this procedure, is highly qualified, and board-certified. You can assume about his experience by knowing about the surgeries he has performed and the reviews of his patients. The experience of a doctor is important because if he is not experienced, the procedure can become worse for you and the nose will get deformed further.

If you have selected a highly experienced surgeon, you will no doubt get perfect results but all the surgeries do confer certain risks and so does rhinoplasty. But there is good news for you. You can reduce any complications in the procedure by following your surgeon’s pre-operative and post-operative instructions properly and carefully.

Follow the instructions

Your surgeon will give you instructions about all those things that you can and can’t do before the procedure. These instructions generally include avoiding such medications that can increase the risks of bleeding or infections like aspirin or some anti-inflammatory drugs. Furthermore, you will also have to avoid alcohol or smoking both before and after the surgery. Smokers have a risk of tissues death and delay in healing of wounds. You should also tell your surgeon about all the things you take on a regular basis because even natural supplements may increase the risk of complications including bleeding. It is also significant to mention here that as surgery requires time to show final results, you should see your surgeon for follow-ups on a regular basis.


In short, rhinoplasty gives you perfect results only if it is done the right way and for this purpose, you need to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Following his instructions carefully will help you in getting the desired shape of the nose. So, if you are interested in getting rhinoplasty surgery then visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic now. Our surgeons will provide you with the best treatment because they are experienced and qualified. Fill in the form below to get a free consultation.