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Does age matter when it comes to cosmetic surgery?

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Does age matter when

Age is nothing but a number… but when it comes to certain cosmetic procedures, does it really matter how old you are?
After making the big decision to go under the knife, there are usually several factors you should have in mind if you are to be a candidate for the said procedure. Unfortunately, age is mostly never on this list, which in reality should be included.
On the other hand, when it comes to cosmetic surgery in Dubai, timing is everything; although it is very difficult to know the right time. Teenagers and senior people mostly fall under this category because sometimes one can be too old for a certain procedure, while the next person might be too young for another kind of procedure.
For instance, according to statistics by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2013, there were around 113,000 procedures performed on people under the age of 18, which is roughly 1 per cent of the total procedures. On the other hand,9.7 per cent of those who received surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the same year were 65 years or older.
Regardless of age, everybody has a right to look as good as they feel. So in any event you visit a cosmetic surgeon in Dubai, it is important to make sure he is board certified and qualified to perform an assessment on you and determine the procedure or procedures best for your age bracket.
Below we have compiled a guide on cosmetic surgery procedures, and at what age they are suitable. Just remember, nothing is cast on stone as long as your cosmetic surgeon is board certified with enough experience.

Tummy tuck:
Your decision to have a tummy tuck in Dubai could be contributed to by a number of factors, but experts advise that for you to maintain the body contour you desire, and for it to be perfect, the best age for this procedure is 34+ years old. This is because tummy tuck in Dubai is better performed after you are done having children, so that you can reap the maximum benefits of the procedure. If you undergo tummy tuck in Dubai then get pregnant, chances are you would have wasted your time and money on the procedure because everything gets stretched all over again.

Breast Augmentation:
Breast augmentation in Dubai is best done from the age of 24 years onwards. This is because it is important to wait until the breasts have reached their development limit, hence the reason why it is not advisable for girls 18 years and below.

Rhinoplasty in Dubai is another cosmetic procedure that should wait until the bones are fully developed, around the age of 19 in men and 18 in women. So the procedure should be held off until you are at least 20 years or older. But the closer it is done at age 20, the better the results because the skin still has enough elasticity at this time.

Botox for forehead wrinkles:
The best age to have Botox injections on your forehead is at the age of 35 or older. This is because the skin starts to loosen up during your late 30s to early 40s, and Botox in Dubai should only be used when the lines on your forehead are still visible even when your face is relaxed.

Laser skin resurfacing:
Laser in Dubai is best suited for people who are 50+ years. This is because the procedure is very aggressive. On the other hand, if you are younger and want to improve your skin, you can have Ultherapy in Dubai, which is suited for ages 30+ years onwards.

Facelift in Dubai is best for people who have already hit their fabulous 40. Since your skin at this age is still elastic, chances are that your face will snap back to life within no time, and no one will be able to notice that you have undergone a facelift, unlike in your 60s.
So, at what age did you have your first procedure? Tell us in the comments section below or call us for a free consultation for one of the procedures above.

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