Do Breast Reduction Creams Really Work?

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Large boobs are as much of a problem as smaller ones but our society doesn’t look at it that way. Women with smaller breasts are looked down upon and are bombarded with all kinds of breast implants and push-up bras. On the other hand, women with extremely large breasts are also not happy with them because of several reasons. Large boobs make their body look huge then it actually is causing severe back pain. Not to forget the problems, women with large breasts face while shopping for clothes. The thing that fits from the top doesn’t fit their waist and vice versa. Luckily, Breast Reduction surgery has transformed the lives of many women by giving them more proportionate boobs that complement the rest of their bodies.

However, there is another alternative available in the market to reduce breast size which is breast reduction cream. A new discussion has started making rounds after their introduction but do they really work? This is the question that arises in the mind of many women. Let’s try to find the answer to this question below.

A New Hype!!!

Recently a few creams have been marketed as breast reduction creams all over the internet. But do they actually work? Are they worth spending money on? Well, to be very honest with you, the answer to this question is “NO.” The idea of creating a topical solution for breast reduction feels great but practically it is not possible. At least for now. Therefore, we would suggest you to stop wasting your money on such creams and we will explain why.

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How do Boob Reduction Creams work?

These products claim to reduce the deposition of fat specifically in the breast region in two major ways explained below;

Modifying Body’s Hormones

By modifying the body’s hormone system, fat deposition is altered. This is what these creams claim to do that doesn’t work at all. There is no scientific proof of this theory. Almost none of the biologically active molecules can get through the skin.

Using a Bunch of Chemicals

Some of these creams claim and actually use a bunch of chemicals to reduce fat in the breast regions; key ones being nicotine and caffeine. Caffeine can get through the skin and reach the bloodstream. These creams work on the principle of applying a caffeine-based cream on the boobs which triggers the breakdown of localized fat deposits. NO significant results have been produced by this technique as well.

Final Verdict

Well, think about it. If women ever got a hold of a cream that could reduce their breast size, why would they even go out for breast surgery? Also, the principles on which such creams work, have no scientific proof or existence. These creams make no sense at all. You will not find any positive reviews for the creams as well that could justify the claim made by these products. If you are not one of those individuals who try everything to see whether it works or not, we would say keep your money in your purse.

Consult A Surgeon

Instead of wasting money on breast reduction creams try breast reduction surgery and make your life easier. Consult with an expert surgeon at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and get rid of the excess weight of large breasts. We are offering free of cost, no-obligatory and one-on-one consultations to our patients who are interested in reducing the size of their breasts. You can also ask all the questions that you have in your mind and it will help you in making a decision. You can fill the form below to book an appointment.