Breast Reconstruction Using Natural Tissue

Breast Reconstruction

Every woman wants to have fuller breasts, but unfortunately, some women lose their breasts’ shape and volume because of mastectomy or some other trauma. Mastectomy is the breast cancer surgery in which full or partial breast tissues are removed to cure breast cancer. Breast Reconstruction Surgery is an effective procedure to restore the shape and volume of breasts. There are various types of this procedure but mostly it is performed using your own body tissue. Here we will discuss what this procedure involves and how it is performed using natural tissues.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure in which natural tissue, skin, or fat from another area of your body is used to restore your breasts’ shape, size, and appearance. Breast reconstruction surgery can effectively reconstruct your breasts but the results are variable.

Before going for the procedure, you must keep in mind the following issues:

  • The reconstructed breasts will not have the same feel and sensation as your real breasts had.
  • Your breasts will have visible incision lines on them.
  • Incision lines will also be present in the donor area from where fat tissues were taken.
  • In case one breast requires reconstruction, breast lift, augmentation, or reduction may be performed on the other one too to bring symmetry.

Breast reconstruction surgery is an invasive procedure performed under general anesthesia. The fat tissue used to reconstruct breasts is often taken from your body area having denser fat like the abdomen, back or buttocks. Various techniques are used to transfer fat to the breasts. These techniques are explained below.


In this technique, the surgeon takes the muscle, fat, and skin from the abdomen to rebuild the breasts. There are two ways of transferring fat to the breasts – it is either detached from the abdomen and then attached to the breasts or is transferred to the breasts through the chest wall without cutting blood supply. Your surgeon may also transfer the fat only without muscles.

Latissimus Dorsi Flap

It is the technique in which muscle, fat, and skin from the back is transferred to the breasts keeping blood supply intact. The transferred fat may construct a complete breast mound or can be used to cover and support the breast implant inserted.


In the DIEP Flap technique, the abdominal blood supply, fat, and skin are used to construct the breasts, but muscles are not used.


In short, Breast Reconstruction can be effectively done using your body fat tissues that will restore the normal shape and volume of your breasts. Mainly three techniques are used to achieve this goal. Now the question is: which technique is the most suitable for you? Well, only a breast surgeon can answer this question. He/she can recommend a fat transfer technique after examining you physically. For this purpose, you can visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Our board-certified surgeons will guide you about the procedures in detail. You can book an appointment by filling in the form below and we will schedule your free initial consultation.