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5 Reasons Why GPSLipo represents “What’s Next” in Laser Technology?

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Are you frustrated of excess fat on various areas of your body? Are you unable to get rid of this fat by exercise and dieting? Do you want to get well shaped and contoured body? If your answer to all these questions is yes then you are not alone experiencing this problem. There are a number of people who lose their confidence because of excess fat on localized areas of their body affecting its appearance. This fat is even unresponsive to dieting, exercise and weight loss programs. Fortunately the solution to this problem is also available that is the procedure of liposuction, which is one of the most popular and frequently preformed cosmetic surgery procedure.

The procedure of traditional liposuction is invasive and its recovery is also prolonged but the good news for those who are planning to have liposuction is that there are several techniques for performing the procedure of liposuction and newer techniques are less invasive and more effective as compared to older ones. Here we will discuss about the most advanced, super effective and minimal invasive technique for the procedure of liposuction.

Laser liposuction offers minimal invasive way to remove the unwanted fat on various areas of the body resulting in improved contoured of body. The goal of the procedure of laser liposuction is to provide desired results with safety. It reduces the amount of trauma and invasiveness unlike traditional liposuction. However, all the lasers are not the same and latest laser technologies are far better and effective as compared to the older ones. GPSLipo laser liposuction that uses Lipocontrol laser for removal of excess fat is the latest technique for the procedure of liposuction. Below given are the five factors that make this procedure represent “What’s Next” in laser technology.

GPSLipo cannula

The major difference between standard laser liposuction procedure and GPSLipo is that LipoControl that is used for removal of fat uses more precise GPS cannula. GPS cannula used in the procedure allows the surgeon efficiently monitor the delivery of energy offering full control over heat and laser application. This reduces the chances of trauma and also mitigates the possibility of burns.

Fat mapping

Fat mapping that works in real time is another unique characteristic of GPSLipo laser liposuction that makes the procedure more effective. The surgeon first outlines the treatment area and then monitors the delivery of energy and fat liquidation. This gives real feed back to the surgeon while in other techniques surgeon works using manual clues. GPSLipo provides visual monitoring for each step of the procedure so that the area is treated completely. On the other hand, even highly experienced plastic surgeons say that it is impossible to determine manually which area has been treated completely.

Less burns and trauma

Another benefit of the procedure is that it does not cause any burns. In GPSLipo the movement of cannula is controlled that ensures the safety and comfort of patient. The device used in the procedure tracks the movement of cannula and decreases or stops the delivery of energy. This results in less trauma and burns leading to quick recovery.

Skin tightening

Using laser in the procedure of liposuction no doubt tightens the skin but in GPSLipo surgeon has more precise control on the laser and this is the reason that the results are more sculpted and contoured skin.


Laser liposuction itself is safe and less invasive procedure but use of LipoControl in GPSLipo is far safer than other technologies. The precise and targeted approach of the procedure makes it safer.

GPSLipo laser liposuction is the newest minimal invasive and the most effective technique for the procedure of liposuction. Now it represents “What’s Next” in laser technologies for cosmetic procedures.

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