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5 Advantages of Using the Keller Funnel

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Breast augmentation surgery has a huge market. Millions of women around the world are getting their breasts enhanced in one way or the other to look as identical to their beauty idol as possible. Surgeons and researchers have always been on a hunt for newer techniques and technologies that improve the plastic surgery experiences for their clients. One such instrument that has monumentally helped improve the breast surgeries is called Keller Funnel. It is an FDA-approved device that helps the surgeon place silicone gel implants effectively.

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To use the device, the surgeon uses the tip of the soft, conical-shaped nylon device incision to place the pre-filled implant through the incision. Afterward, a gentle squeezing motion is used to coax the implant via a funnel into the breast pocket.

Here are the five ways how using the Keller Funnel has improved the delivery of silicone breast implants.

Shorter Incisions

By using the funnel, the doctor is able to make smaller incisions. Smaller incisions result in the faster recovery phase and smaller post-surgical scars after the treatment. It is definitely a win-win situation.

Risk of Infection is Reduced

By using the Keller Funnel, a no-touch sterile approach is used. It minimizes the risk of contamination of the implant shell and results in an infection. It reduces the risk of capsular contracture as well.

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Faster Healing

The trauma caused to the breast tissue without using Keller Funnel is much greater than if it is used. It also significantly reduces the post-operative pain experienced by the surgeons.

Less Stress on the Implant Shell

The slippery coating of the funnel allows a minimal amount of pressure to be used while positioning and placing the breast implant. It greatly reduces the risk of implant rupture in future and prolongs the life of the implant.

Quicker Procedure

The Keller Funnel generally makes the entire surgical procedure quick which is most definitely a great thing.

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