Boob Surgery – Implants vs. Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

Breast surgery

Choosing the right procedure can be a major concern for women who want to increase their breast size or just want to reshape them. Different procedures are available to achieve this goal of getting the perfect physique. However, fat transfer and implants are the two most commonly used techniques. Different patients prefer one procedure over the other on the basis of their sole requirements. Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most famous procedures all over the world. Still, many people find it hard to decide between the two treatments.

Therefore, we have decided to help you in understanding the differences and similarities between these two procedures. In this way, you can easily make a decision.

Breast Augmentation with Implants

Usually, saline or a silicone implant is utilized to perform this procedure so that you can get the desired increase in the size of your breast. These implants come in various sizes so that you can achieve your perfect breast shape and size. You may get a substantial increase, natural increase, or even a small increase. Both saline and silicone implants are approved by the FDA. Also, it is totally safe to get this surgical procedure, with hundreds of women opting for it each year.

Only an experienced surgeon can perform this method. In the first step, general anesthesia is administered, and then a small incision is made on the targeted area in such a way that the scar does not become visible. This incision can be made around the areola, in the armpit, or under the breast. Through this opening, the soft implant is inserted. Then, stitches are made to close the incisions. Supportive bandages are used to wrap the area and a special bra is provided so that you can heal quickly. However, you can go home on the next day of your surgery.

How is fat transfer different from breast augmentation?

Usually, people think that only the implantation procedure is available to get a boost in the size of your breast. Well, this is not true at all, as fat transfer is another FDA approved technique to achieve the same results. While going for this procedure, you don’t need any kind of implant as in Breast Augmentation. In fact, it is your own fat that is harvested and used to enlarge your breasts.

A donor area is selected to extract fats. Usually, thighs, butts, or abdomen are the preferred parts from which fat is extracted. Then liposuction is used to extract the fat from one part of your body. After that, the fat is converted into the liquid so that it can be injected into the targeted area that is breasts. As a result, you will get increased, fuller, and properly shaped breasts. This procedure provides you long-lasting and natural results.

Pros and Cons of Breast Augmentation with Implants

Like every other procedure, breast augmentation comes with various pros and cons. You can get it as per your desire. For example, if you need enhanced enlargement to match the symmetry of your body, you can get it by using implants. Also, it is affordable when the price is compared to other procedures such as fat transfer. However, you should know that the implants can rupture in your body. It is rare but it can happen. If it happens, the silicone implant needs to be removed but the saline implant has the ability to absorb in the body without any side-effects. In the case of removing the silicone implants, another surgery is required.

In addition to it, if you have to go through a mammogram, these implants can make it more problematic for you. Also, if you have any plans to conceive a child in the future, these implants can create an issue as they don’t allow you to breastfeed. On the whole, they are considered as 100% safe by medical professionals and are really effective.

Pros and Cons of Fat Transfer

The first and foremost benefit of a fat transfer is that you don’t have to live with any foreign material such as implants in your body. Also, the procedure is not surgical, which is another outstanding benefit. In addition to it, the chance of any infection is minimal. Since the procedure is performed without any cuts and stitches, you will not have any scars on your body. There is no need for administering general anesthesia to perform this technique. So, it allows you to go back to your home in a less time period as compared to the implant procedure. The recovery procedure also becomes shorter than that of implants.

When it comes to the cons, you have to wait to see your results. It is not possible to see a dramatic boost in the size of your breasts. Also, the procedure can increase your size to a specific limit. It depends on the amount of extra fat in your body. The increased cost is another thing that can make you worried. The cost is more because more expertise is required to perform it and liposuction is required, as well.

Who is a good candidate?

To know your candidacy, you have to contact your surgeon and arrange an appointment. He can assist you in making the right decision.

The Final Verdict

Getting a consultation is the best way to decide anything. Breast surgeons at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic will observe your body symmetry, understand your personal preferences, and then will explain to you which option is the best for you. Fat transfer is a good option if you would like a slight increase in your cup size, or simply want to correct the symmetry. If having no foreign material in your body is your preference, then you should go for this procedure. On the other hand, if you would like to get an instant and significant increase in your breast size then getting implants is the best option for you. Every case is different, so a consultation can be beneficial for you. Whatever procedure you will get, you will end up with an increased amount of confidence and a beautiful body shape.