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Male Infertility Counselling and Treatment

Infertility is when a sexually active couple fails to conceive even after trying for a year. The problem can be in both males and females. However, if a male cannot make a fertile woman pregnant, it is known as male infertility. With advanced medical techniques, it is possible to treat male infertility and help a couple conceive a child. 

At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we treat male infertility and provide counseling to struggling couples. 

Causes of Male Infertility 

Some primary causes of male infertility in Dubai are;

  • Low sperm production 
  • Abnormal sperm functions like the production of immature sperms, abnormal shape of sperms, or their inability to swim.
  • Genetic disorders like Klinefelter’s syndrome 
  • Hormonal deficiency or pituitary gland problem
  • Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation 
  • Immunity problems 
  • Infections or diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea
  • Varicocele (dilated veins in the scrotum)
  • Undescended testicle 
  • Obstructive azoospermia (a condition in which sperm produced in testes is not found in the semen due to blockage in the reproductive tract.)


The most significant sign of male infertility is the failure to get your female partner pregnant after one year of regular sexual intercourse. Other emotional or psychological symptoms of this condition include feelings of depression, grief, and inadequacy.


Investigating the underlying cause of infertility is very crucial to finding the best male infertility treatment in Dubai. The following diagnostic methods are utilized to determine the cause of infertility among men;

  • Sperm Count – The semen is collected as a sample and examined for sperm count, shape, volume, quantity, acidity, vitality, and motility.
  • Blood Test It is done to analyze if hormonal deficiencies cause infertility.
  • Testicular Biopsy – This diagnostic test examines the testicular structure. If no sperm is found in the semen analysis, a testicular biopsy is performed in which tiny testicle tissues are analyzed under a microscope. 

Male Infertility Treatment Options 

Our doctors suggest the most suitable male infertility treatment in Dubai after the diagnosis. Some of the recommended treatment options for male infertility are;

Artificial Insemination 

In this technique, the healthy sperms are placed at the cervix entrance or inside the female’s uterus. From here, the sperms travel to the fallopian tubes. 

Invitro Fertilization (IVF) & Gamete Intra Fallopian (GIFT)

In IVF and GIFT techniques, the sperms are first collected and then mixed with the female eggs. The sperms are mixed either in a lab or inside the fallopian tubes of your partner. 

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

In this male infertility treatment Dubai, the doctor injects sperm into an egg for fertilization. As the fertilization takes place, the egg is inserted into the female uterus. The whole fertilization process is analyzed under the microscope.

Medications & Hormonal Treatment

If you face male infertility because of hormonal imbalance, your doctor will suggest some medicines and hormonal treatment. 

Counseling for Infertile Couple 

Male infertility can affect your mental health and relationships as well. The patients often lose hope, and the sense of denial and sadness overcomes them. To bring such patients back to life, we offer counseling sessions to infertile couples. These support sessions not only open the communication channels but also provide emotional support to the couple. 

Male Infertility Cost in Dubai 

The cost of male infertility treatment varies from patient to patient because it depends on your treatment. The treatment is chosen based on the diagnosis. Moreover, some other factors also affect the cost, including the clinic’s location and the doctor’s expertise. To know the exact price, consult with our experts.

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Male infertility is a treatable condition if you get professional help from the best male infertility doctors in Dubai. If you are looking for some good doctors, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is your way to go. We are offering male infertility treatments along with counseling sessions to help couples conceive babies.

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