Hydrocele Testis Removal

Hydrocele testis is characterized by painless enlargement of the sac (scrotum) containing testicles. Although this condition is more common in newborns and infants, older people, including teens and adults, can also develop this problem. Fortunately, hydrocele testis removal in Dubai is possible through several methods.

What is Hydrocele Testis?

Hydrocele testis is a clear liquid buildup, usually amassed around one testicle inside the scrotum. This liquid can also accumulate around both testicles, though. Hydrocele testis is more common among babies. However, males of other ages are not an exception.

Generally, hydrocele testis is not a threat to testicles. This condition is usually painless and disappears on its own. Nonetheless, it would be best if you got your scrotal swelling checked with your doctor to rule out the chances of other harmful testicular conditions, including cancer.

In some cases, hydrocele testis may become a reason for discomfort, which undoubtedly necessitates treatment. The most common technique to treat this condition is surgical hydrocele testis removal. However, the option of hydrocele treatment without surgery is also available for individuals who are at the risk of developing post-op complications.


Generally, the only sign of the presence of hydrocele testis is an enlarged scrotum with no pain. However, older men with this condition may feel some discomfort due to the heaviness of their scrotum. This discomfort may increase with a progressing inflammation. Also, the swollen scrotum may be smaller in the morning and gradually get bigger during the day.


A hydrocele can develop for several reasons. Some of the risk factors for this condition may be detrimental to men’s health.

Baby boys

A hydrocele testis in babies usually develops before birth. Typically, testicles descend from the abdominal cavity into the scrotum during the later stages of pregnancy. Each testicle comes with a sac, which allows the formation of fluid buildup around the testicles. Usually, this fluid buildup gets absorbed as the sac closes.

Occasionally, the fluid remains unabsorbed after the closure of the sac. This unabsorbed hydrocele is generally referred to as noncommunicating hydrocele.

Older males

Teens and older adults develop hydrocele testis as a result of inflammation or injury. Inflammation in the scrotum develops mainly due to a testicular infection or a problematic coiled tube on the backside of each testicle.

Because hydrocele testis doesn’t go away on its own in older men, they can benefit from hydrocele non-surgical treatment.

Risk factors

Hydrocele is usually more prevalent in newborns. Generally, 5% of baby boys are born with a hydrocele testis. The risk of developing a hydrocele testis is even higher in babies who are born prematurely.

The most common risk factors for hydrocele testis later in life are:


A physical exam is usually a preliminary diagnostic measure your urologist will consider before looking into the options for HYDROCELE treatment in Dubai. This exam includes the following:

  • Checking the enlarged scrotum for tenderness
  • Checking for inguinal hernia by pressing the abdomen and scrotum
  • Shining a light (transillumination) to check for clear liquid around the testicle

The doctor may also recommend other diagnostic measures, including:

  • Urine and blood tests to check for a severe infection
  • Ultrasound tests to check for testicular tumor and other reasons for scrotal swelling

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Scrotal swelling due to hydrocele testis accumulation can be quite bothersome. Therefore, you will want to undergo Hydrocele testicle treatment in Dubai to get rid of discomfort and pain. Be sure to find a skilled practitioner to get this treatment. 

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