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10-week Life-Changing Menopause Program

Menopause/perimenopause is often associated with a great deal of mental and physical suffering. These symptoms are so common that most people consider them inevitable. But did you know that you do not have to live with any of them?

That’s right. Here is how I can say it with surety.

A few years ago, when we concluded one of our yoga classes, I saw a lady next to me drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. She was fanning herself in an attempt to get some respite. Just when everyone started looking at her with concern, she said out of embarrassment, “Oh, it’s just the dreaded menopause; can’t avoid it.”

An older lady next to her said, “Well, I never had any such symptoms.”

At that moment, I was curious. How did a woman have such irritating menopause symptoms while the other did not feel a thing? I thought not having any symptoms could just be a rare case, as I, too, would believe that menopause naturally resulted in distressing symptoms. However, after speaking to more women on this matter, I found out that I was wrong.

So I asked myself whether this major life transition has to be full of night sweats, insomnia, hot flashes, mood fluctuations, and a plethora of commonly associated symptoms we know.

I found my Ph.D. research topic.

I started my work to discover how women can embrace this natural change in life. After collecting and compiling an immense amount of data from several menopausal women, here is what I found:

  1. The hormonal system is a part of a complex mechanism controlled by the nervous system. Regulating the nervous system using non-invasive mind-body treatments dramatically improved symptoms.
  2. There were different sets of factors and life stories behind the specific symptoms each woman experienced. In fact, your individual experiences and life story leave behind an impact that later appears as a symptom. This indicates that only personalized care is the way to remain calm and composed during this life transition.
  3. In most cases, stress and unresolved experiences were found to be the main causes of symptoms. Hence, resolving those matters helped improve symptoms significantly. These findings further support the theory that stress management is essential in preventing or treating painful symptoms associated with various health conditions.
  4. When I started my research, I included 32 women in my sample group, all of whom signed up for weekly sessions spread over 10 months. However, all of them experienced significant or total relief after just 10 weeks. This demonstrates the incredible effectiveness of personalized and inclusive mind-body interventions.

Summers are here. If you want to find relief from your symptoms and enjoy the holidays, contact us NOW.

Note: Our program is based on regular weekly sessions that not only help you feel the change but also measure symptom shifts throughout the course.

Individual consultation 1200 aed

3 sessions package

5 sessions package.

***Ramadan/Eid Special Offer 2024 8000aed(10 sessions)

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