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Enjoy your summer at the beach in a Brazilian bikini!

Now you can enjoy your swimming because laser hair treatment will help you to get rid of unwanted pubic hair. Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is the most feasible option to enjoy smooth baby skin from all your private parts.

Your life will be easy from all conventional painful hair removal methods from private body areas. Due to laser technology, hair removal is now easy, quick, and pain-free.  Free yourself from old hair-removing methods, and save time and energy on waxing and shaving.

You can have Brazilian laser hair removal at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic to put an end to your anxieties about shaving and waxing undesirable hair. One of the most well-liked procedures in Dubai for getting silky-smooth skin.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal on Pubic Hair

This is an excellent method for removing unwanted hair from private parts. The explicit goal of this method is to lessen or remove all pubic hair significantly. 

The hair follicles get heated when a laser beam with a certain wavelength is directed at pubic hair. They consequently go dormant and stop growing. The laser treatment stops the formation of new hair, but if it does, the texture of the regrown hair is thinner.

Difference Between Brazilian and Bikini Laser Hair Removal

  • Bikini Laser Hair Removal covers the panty line and area 3 inches inside of the panty where pubic and labia hair is removed.
  • Brazilian Laser Hair Removal covers all undesirable hair on the labia and perianal areas. A landing strip and opposing buttocks are used to remove hair from the whole pubic region. In order to receive Brazilian laser hair removal, women should be fully naked.

Benefits of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal 

This treatment has multiple benefits which are mentioned below.

  • It is a safe and reliable method for private parts.
  • For pubic hair, a pain-free, non-invasive technique.
  • Ingrown hairs in the pubic area will remove permanently.
  • In comparison to other conventional hair removal techniques, it is pleasant.
  • It offers guaranteed outcomes that last for a very long period and appear natural.
  • With the exception of white, grey, and blonde hair, the treatment helps treat people with diverse skin and hair hues.

Ideal Candidacy for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Anyone who has pubic hair growth can be an ideal candidate for this treatment. Brazillian laser hair removal for the private region is suitable for people of 

  • Any age
  • Any skin type
  • Any hair texture

Dark, thick hair is the best type for laser hair removal. Due to technological advancements, some lighter hair types can also be removed with laser hair removal. Dark-haired individuals and those with pale skin are the best candidates for this hair reduction method.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost

Multiple factors decide the final cost of the treatment.

  • surgeon’s fee
  • clinic’s charges
  • skin type and color
  • number of sessions needed
  • desired results of laser hair removal

Machine Used in Brazilian Hair Removal

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offers advanced laser technology, “Candela GentleMax Pro,” to remove pubic hair gently.

Pre-Procedure Care

Like any other cosmetic procedure, Brazilian laser hair removal also needs some pre- preparations. You have to follow the instruction of your dermatologist to get the procedure done smoothly.

  • Do shaving on the treatment area; avoid using any conventional hair removal techniques.
  • Before receiving treatment, avoid using skincare or cosmetics in the treatment area.
  • One day before, shave the treating body part.


An advanced laser device, “Candela GentleMax Pro Laser,”  is used to remove unwanted hair on the pubic areas. During the process, a skilled practitioner uses laser light to target undesirable hair follicles. The laser light utilized in this process only affects the pigment in the hair; it has no negative effects on the skin. The laser light demolishes the hair follicles as soon as it enters the skin. The effect is that the heated hair follicles fall dormant.

Darker hair typically responds to this treatment better than thin, delicate, and lighter hairs.

Post-Procedure Care

The doctor will provide you with some aftercare advice that you need to follow. To get quickly and achieve the desired outcomes, candidates must follow these directions.

  • Do not touch or rub the treated area because the skin becomes sensitive after the laser 
  • Hold on exercise, running, swimming, or any other activity that could cause sweating for a few days.
  • Do not shave, wax, thread, epilate, or tweeze before treatment on that area.
  • When hair shedding starts after two sessions, gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin.

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