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G-Spot Enhancement Treatment

The G-Spot is an area inside the vagina that is composed of erectile tissues and plays a major role in intercourse since it leads to strong sexual arousal when stimulated. It can even lead to very potent orgasms with chances of ejaculation. It can be typically found on the top wall of the vaginal canal on the side below the belly button. Even though the existence of the G-spot has not been scientifically proven while some women also would have a hard time finding it, it does exist and can vary in location, size, and definition from one woman to another. A new cosmetic treatment has been introduced to enhance the aesthetic appearance of G-spot known as G-spot enhancement in Dubai.

The G-Spot enhancement is an injectable treatment designed to enhance the G-spot physically and improve the sexual feeling and gratification consequently.

*Facts You Must Know

Cost of Treatment book free consultation
Time Required 15 – 30 Mins
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
Recovery Time Minimal
Success Rate Very High Success Rate

Who is a Candidate?

Good candidates for G-spot injection in Dubai are:

  • Women who have a healthy sex life or close to it. Women who have never experienced an orgasm are not advised to go for this treatment.
  • Due to old age or vaginal atrophy, there is a loss of sensation, tightness, or sexual gratification during intercourse.
  • You don’t feel as sexually aroused as you used to feel before.
  • Women who do not suffer from vaginal conditions.
  • Women who are interested in improving their sex lives.
  • Women who only experience internal or vaginal orgasms.
  • Women with realistic expectations from this treatment.
  • You are not allergic “down there”.


The whole purpose of injecting a gel-like substance called hyaluronic acid into the “G-spot” region is to enhance the volume and ability of that region to respond to sexual stimulation.

Hyaluronic acid is manufactured both by the human body and in the laboratory and is used to treat collagen deficiency in the skin resulting in tight and smooth skin. No side effects have been discovered yet.

The collagen injection tightens and enlarges the G-Spot to the size of a penny and raises it a quarter of an inch making it highly responsive to anything entering the vagina during intercourse.


Before going for G-spot enhancement treatment in Dubai, it is advised for every woman to consult with a female physician, plastic surgeon, or practitioner. The procedure for G-spot enhancement is performed in the following way;

  • On the treatment day, the patient is to first conduct a self-exam in order to help locate the exact location of her G-spot.
  • What follows is a pelvic exam and specific measurements inside the vagina carried out by your surgeon to locate the G-Spot with help of the patient’s direction.
  • Next, these measurements are transferred onto a special speculum. The speculum with the exact location of the patient’s G-Spot is then inserted into the vagina and with aid of a small needle, a tiny dose of anesthesia is inserted into the region.
  • Then a specific volume of cosmetic collagen is injected directly into the G-Spot, creating a tiny nub that pushes against that spot.
  • Finally, a tampon is inserted to prevent any blood spotting from the needle’s prick. The tampoon can be removed after 4 hours and the patient can resume a normal life.

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The benefits of the G-Shot injection are very gratifying. 87% of women who have undergone the procedure have reported that their sex life has improved with multiple orgasms and satisfaction level is topping their personal preference.

  • The treatment is fast (injection takes less than 8 seconds) taking up a total of 15 minutes in the examination room.
  • Can be conducted in a clinic, hospital, doctor’s office; basically anywhere with a bed and an experienced cosmetic surgeon.
  • The treatment is non-invasive, non-surgical, and the results can last for up to 6 months.
  • There have been no side effects discovered yet.


Recovery is immediate and after an hour of rest, the patient can walk out of the clinic. In 4 hours, the anesthesia will wear off and there will be no pain. The patient can enjoy sex that very night and continue to do so for the next 4-6 months with the same results.


The results of our G-Spot injection in Dubai have been received with satisfaction by our clients. Women can enjoy mind-blowing sex that is good for their physical and mental health for up to 6 months.

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