Clitoral Hoodectomy

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Cost of Treatment book free consultation
Time Required3-4 Hours
AnesthesiaLocal Anesthesia
Recovery Time2-3 Weeks
Success RateVery high Success Rate
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The female clitoris is an area of heightened sensitivity and functions as a point of sexual arousal. Normally the clitoris is a small nub-sized organ made of erectile tissue that hardens up on arousal and is covered in a “hood” known as a prepuce that shields that highly sensitive area from possible discomfort. Sometimes excessive skin growth of the prepuce may cause the clitoris to look enlarged or disproportionate which may be regarded as grotesque by women.

The reason why this change in appearance occurs is due to ageing, steroid intake, hormonal changes, and congenital problems or over exposure to testosterone. It’s not uncommon for the deformation in the clitoral hood to occur with another deformation of the interior vaginal lips (labia minora) leading to asymmetric or hypertrophic deformation.

Are you a Candidate?

Clitoral surgery is an elective procedure which means it is determined first by the patient and then approved by the doctor as per necessity to avoid medical and future complications. Sometimes the clitoral hood isn’t the problem.  Below are some pointers that let you know if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

  • Women who are frustrated with the exterior appearance of their vagina because the clitoral hood has drooped or is redundant.
  • This excess skin is a cause of irritation when wearing clothes, exercising or carrying out normal day-to-day activities.
  • Decreased sexual stimulation due to excess skin overlying the clitoris.
  • Women who have a problem with the wrinkly skin that looks unappealing and hinders sexual stimulation.
  • Women who have (or had) a normal sexual life that is not exciting anymore.
  • Reduced ability to orgasm.
  • Women who have trouble or ashamed of intimacy due to the possibility of their appearance being a turn-off for their partners.
  • Women who don’t suffer from genital diseases of some kinds (check with your consultant).
  • Women who have realistic expectations from surgery.
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Treatment Goals

Women frequently look towards this surgery in order to enhance exposure of the clitoris during sexual intercourse and improve the quality of their sex life by means of complete stimulation of the clitoris for more fulfilling sexual activity. The clitoral hood is sought to be decreased in size and not removed completely so that it is more easily exposed to sexual stimulation and hence allowing the recipient to heightened arousal leading to orgasm.

Most of the times, excessive prepuce tissue growth comes with excessive labia growth hence most hoodectomies are performed with labiaplasty in order to perfect the aesthetic results for the vagina.

Treatment Procedure

The procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis and after a few hours of rest the patient is released on the same day.

  • The area is first cleaned and sterilized betidine and disinfected with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Hoodectomy is carried out under light intravenous sedation known as twilight sleep. Moreover local anesthesia is administered in the genital thus leaving the patient in a relaxed state with no feeling of any pain throughout the procedure that lasts up to 2 hours (hoodectomy alone).
  • There are various techniques utilized for reducing the clitoral hood such as bilateral excision of the hood taking particular care to keep the clitoris in the center of the v-shaped excision.
  • Another technique clips away the darkened excess folds skin of the prepuce in incisions parallel to the shape of the vagina.
  • After the surgeon has removed enough excess skin and reduced the hood to a proper size, the cut ends are carefully stitched, the area cleaned and bandaged.
  • 30 minutes of post-operative observation follow after which the patient is revived and allowed to rest and then leave in an hour.
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Treatment Recovery

Recovery phases should be followed properly by the patient in order to avoid inflammation, heal completely and prevent further cosmetic complications from happening.

Since the clitoral and labia tissue is heavily supplied by blood through capillaries very close to the skin surface and collagen is produced faster in these areas; the surgical wounds will heal very quickly.

  • Soreness persists for 4 to 5 days after which things begin to get a lot better
  • Throughout that time, a support garment is necessary to be worn around the genital area
  • Exercise is prohibited for 2 weeks
  • Bathing and swimming shouldn’t be done for 3 weeks.

Treatment Results

The average patient satisfaction score for this surgery is immensely high coming out at 98%.  A study conducted in 2008 reported that 93% of women saw a rise in self-esteem, 71% experienced better sexual lives and the medical complications are very few as well – only 4.4%.

This process removes the possibilities of chaffing, pubic pain and discomfort while enhancing sexual life greatly. The results are permanent and can last for more than decade depending on what age the surgery was carried out.

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