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Scarless Hair Transplant in Dubai

In the current era, where technology is advancing rapidly, why should anyone have a visible scar on their scalp? Now, the question arises; Is it possible to undergo a hair transplant without any signs of scar? The answer is yes, Scarless Hair Transplant options are available. So, without any further delay, it’s time to reveal everything about scarless hair transplants in Dubai

What is Scarless Hair Transplant?

Scarless hair transplant aims to minimize scarring, but no procedure can guarantee a completely scar-free result. It is a hair transplant technique where the surgeon uses the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique method, aiming to minimize scarring in the treated area.

Benefits of Scarless Hair Transplant 

As the name suggests, the main advantage of having a scarless hair transplant is avoiding permanent scars. Apart from this, the following are some of the perks of the mentioned treatment. 

  • After a hair transplant, the transplanted hair will typically shed before entering a new growth cycle.
  • The procedure is minimally invasive and typically involves mild pain.
  • Patients’ recovery time is way faster than other hair transplant techniques.
  • Say goodbye to baldness.


Candidates for scarless hair transplant should be:

  • Are in overall good health.
  • Prefer to have a discreet hair transplant procedure without noticeable signs.

How to get prepared for Scarless Hair Transplant

Although a scarless hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgery, nonetheless you need to prepare yourself to the fullest extent. For that purpose, you need to consider the following factors;

  • The first step in this regard is consultation. You need to consult with a qualified hair transplant specialist. 
  • Ask him/her the relevant questions and follow his/her guidelines. It is also possible that he/she may recommend you the following things;
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Avoid taking blood-thinning medications as advised by your surgeon
  • Plan to take time off from work, allowing for at least a minimum of 5 days for initial recovery


Scarless hair transplant in Dubai is a day surgery, and you can leave the clinic on the same day. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is the surgery can take a maximum of up to eight hours. In cases of extensive baldness, multiple sessions may be required. Upon your arrival at the clinic, you can experience the following things;

Scalp preparation – The surgeon will clean and shave the area where the follicles will be harvested.

Marking – After that, the surgeon will draw marks on the target area.

Anesthesia – Local anesthesia will be applied to the target area to minimize discomfort during the procedure.

Hair follicular collection – The surgeon will harvest hair follicular from the area enriched with hairs. The process often involves a micro-punch tool for extracting follicles.

Preparation of grafts – The collected grafts will be then prepared to the desired size. 

Graft implantation – Finally, the surgeon will implant the prepared grafts into the recipient areas of the scalp, followed by bandaging.

What to expect after the surgery? 

After the surgery, you can expect discomfort up to some extent. However, the doctor at your services prescribes you medication that can relieve pain and mitigate risks. Most patients can return to normal activities and routine within 4-5 days, though individual recovery times may vary.

Cost of Scarless Hair Transplant in Dubai

The average starting cost of a scarless hair transplant in Dubai is 13,500 AED. It can fluctuate depending on the number of grafts required, the geographical location of the clinic, and the expertise of the doctor. 

Common Complications

Common complications after a hair transplant can include:

  • Temporary bleeding in the treated area
  • Minor bruising and risk of infection
  • Numbness and swelling 

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