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If you do not like the look of yourself without hairs or it’s the bald head which is eclipsing your good look, then you must be dearly looking for something for hair restoration. That is why Dubai cosmetic surgery is offering hair replacement surgeries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and across the entire UAE. There can be a situation like an important occasion coming up your way and you are desperate to cover up your head with hairs.

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The only way through which you can get hairs on the head instantly is hair replacement.  This is a very simple and perhaps the easiest way of restoring hairs. An artificial scalp which is usually handmade and has hairs tied to it is pasted on the bald area on your head. The scalp is called hair system which is available in between $100 to $200 easily.

Along with low hair replacement cost, there are some hair systems which look very much like natural hairs but that is just for the time being. As the system grows older, the artificiality gets exposed which may lead to mere embarrassment anytime.

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The best replacement for hairs is no other than hair transplantation. Benefits in comparison with artificial hair system are explained below:

  • Hair replacement is only a temporary solution to baldness whereas hair transplant is permanent.
  • There is no concept of hair regrowth in case of replacement but in the transplant, hairs grow and flourish naturally.
  • The maximum life of a hair system is 2 to 3 years after which it starts losing grip whereas transplant is there for lifetime.
  • When we compare the hair replacement cost to that of hair transplant there is a big difference but when we look at the results then surgery is a better option.
  • As the time goes on, the hair system loses the natural look and seems very much like a wig while the surgical hair transplant gets even better.

With amazing results from hair transplant you will forget about hair replacement. Although costs quite high, but this will just be once in life expense.

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