Geraldine Naidoo

Wellness Coach

  • Doctorate and PhD Natural Medicine
  • American Board Certified
  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners
  • American Alternative Medical association

Geraldine provides Focused Wellness Solutions, that are safe, effective, trauma informed and tailored as per individual need, so there is no one solution fits all, and no trial period to see if it works, as results are immediate and ongoing.

She is focused on removing “internal” barriers as she provides stress relief and wellness solutions for clients who are dealing with, or have been diagnosed with, Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, depression, pain and other chronic conditions that typically create stress and overwhelm which adds to their existing challenges. She uses a variety of research based techniques to provide impactful solutions that are focused, effective, and non-invasive, with no contra-indications.

Using a clinically proven combination of somatic(body) experiencing, as well as cutting edge 21st century mindbody interventions, she is able to facilitate much needed change that is sustainable, and will ignite your capacity for wellness in a practical and non invasive way.

Stress and trauma have long been recognized as major underlying cause of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, etc. Understanding where it all comes from, and exactly how your body and mind has been impacted is a game changer.

The Individual is more than just a manifestation of personal biology and personal life experience. A truly holistic approach has to include individual story, epigenetic impacts as well as the collective cultural/societal/environmental impact. With her guidance and expertise on these topics, Dr Geraldine is able to help you transition out of a stress state, into a more embodied, and regulated sense of your authentic self, free from pain, anxiety and other learned limitations.

Geraldine’s multifaceted expertise includes a clinically proven, unique combination of

  • Somatic (body-based) techniques,
  • Bio-regulation
  • Emotional Stress Release Therapy

Mind-Body principles

  • Safe and Sound Protocol (Steven Porges)
  • Trauma Counselling.

which provides an unprecedented transformation in mind-body wellness that is wholly effective, and inclusive.

This unique approach will help identify where, in your physical body, you have been holding the impacts of stress and/or trauma, and will help your body unlearn the habits, belief systems, biochemical pathways and postural patterns that restrict your healthy functioning. It complements and supports any other mode of treatment that you may be currently receiving and there are no contra-indications.

Severe ongoing health issues forced Geraldine to look for Alternate and Complementary solutions for her own health dilemmas. She explored multiple pathways to wellness, and was astounded and intrigued by the impact and efficacy of quantum medicine and quantum theory! She subsequently expanded her field of study to include Quantum Medicine Principles, and Somatic experiencing.

Geraldine has a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, has completed studies in Psychology, and remains updated on the latest approaches to wellness. She has completed specialized trauma training under the guidance of Dr Bessel van der Kolk, Dr Gabor Mate, Dr Peter A. Levine, Dr Steven Porges and David Berceli et al..

She has also completed a PhD research study on the effectiveness of a quantum medicine approach to wellness and has countless testimonies from satisfied clients who have begun embracing life more fully and joyfully as a result of their own treatment experiences with her

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