Cost or Price of Thigh Lift

For most of the people, the saggy skin on the upper legs has turned into a problem with aging. If you are one of them then you can easily understand how it affects your life badly. It becomes a hurdle in different daily activities. Moreover, it lowers your self-confidence. Body image plays an important part in boosting the self-confidence of a person. When a person doesn’t have required or desired body image then he became conscious about his looks that affects his self-confidence and self-esteem badly.

For some of the people, vigorous exercise and good diet achieve results but for some these things aren’t enough. It becomes difficult for some of the people to achieve the desired tone of their legs. Fortunately, aesthetic surgery has proved its role in this regard. Thigh lift refers to the excellent procedure that helps you in achieving attractive and firmer upper legs than before. Especially, if you are struggling with excess and loose skin then this procedure is best for you.

A thigh lift is also known as thighplasty. The procedure includes removal of excess fat and skin, and refine the upper legs by providing them an appropriate tone. Various techniques are used to perform the procedure. The technique is selected by keeping your requirements in the view. A personalized surgical plan is made for every patient according to specific goals and requirements. Get benefit from this advanced surgical procedure and enjoy sexier legs.

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Are You A Good Candidate?

Well, the procedure is not for everyone and you need to be a good candidate in order to enjoy the best results from this treatment. You are a good candidate if;

You have unwanted skin or tissues around your legs.
Your have ideal or near to the ideal weight.
You are not a smoker or you can quit smoking for a required period of time.
You don’t consume alcohol.
You have good mental and physical health.
You can maintain the results with exercise.
You have realistic expectations with your procedure.


The procedure of thigh lift is personalized on the basis of your individual requirements, medical needs, preferences, and the type of your skin. So, cost varies on the basis of individual procedure.

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Cost Factors

It is essential for you to know the factors that affect cost so that you can make a decision easily. It will help you to plan your procedure. Some of the most important factors that play their role in calculating the cost of thigh lift are discussed in following.

The Location And Amount Of Excess Tissue, Fat, And Skin On Your Thighs

These things will affect the type of incisions that you will get and also the technique that will be used to perform the procedure. So, these things will affect the cost, as well. Usually, if you require simple tissue removal with short incisions then you will pay less.

Qualification Of Your Surgeon

The experience and qualification of your surgeon also matter in calculating the thigh lift cost in Dubai. It is essential to be careful while hiring a surgeon for your procedure. For sure, the surgeon, who has got specialization in such type of procedure, will charge more amount as compared to other surgeons. In such situation, your health should be your priority. Well, our surgeons are specialized in aesthetic procedures and we are charging cost-effective rates so that it will be affordable for you to get benefit from this treatment.

Overall Health

Another major contributor is your health. If you have any kind of medical issue then it may become a hurdle in administrating anesthesia and do other preparations for your surgery. In this way, you have to pay more to doctor for his expertise and additional efforts.

Requirement Of Diagnostic Testing

It may also play an important role in computing price. If additional testing is required to know your candidacy then it may cost more.

Postoperative Care, Medications, And Follow-ups

There will be the requirement to take antibiotics and painkillers to maintain your pain after the surgery. Moreover, our surgeon will follow-up in order to know your healing process. In addition to it, compressions garments and medications before surgery, all of these things are included in the one-time

Combination Of Other Procedures With Thigh Lift

If you want to combine any other procedure with a thigh lift to get better results then you have to pay more. You may combine thigh lift along with tummy tuck or dermal fillers to get improved outcomes.

Thigh Lift Cost At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

Here, at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we are offering outstanding services of thigh lift at reasonable rates. A vertical or horizontal thigh lift will cost approx. AED 20,000 or $5,450 but if you are having both vertical and horizontal thigh lift then it will cost AED 30,000 or $8167.

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