Cost of Non-Surgical Facelift

Various individuals are suffering from sagging skin and excess fat around their neck, chin, and cheeks that makes their appearance fat, tired and aged. You may be one of them and you may seem unattractive than your actual beauty due to this problem. However, you don’t need to be much worried about it as you are not alone in this race. Moreover, plastic surgeons have brought a solution for you. Non-surgical face lift is the procedure that allows you to achieve your desired goal. The technique of Face-Lipo Sculpture is used for this purpose. It is an effective and safe treatment to provide you a facial structure that is well-defined.

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It is essential for you to know about your candidacy before going for this procedure. You should consult our expert surgeon for this purpose. Hence, you are a good surgeon if;

  • Your face is fatter than your body.
  • You have sagginess skin on your face or neck.
  • Beneath your eyes, you have swollen eye bags.
  • You don’t have a pointed chin.
  • You prefer non-surgical procedure as you don’t want to go under the knife.
  • You have good mental and physical health.
  • You have realistic expectations with the treatment technique.


  • The procedure is minimally invasive.
  • No side-effects.
  • No downtime.
  • You don’t feel significant discomfort or pain after getting the procedure.
  • Fast recovery.
  • You can get back to your daily routine within a day or 2.
  • You can get a combination of the procedure.
  • The procedure helps you to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.
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Cost Factors To Consider

Whenever you consider non-surgical facelift cost in Dubai, then you must know that different causes are required to take into the considerations while calculating the cost. Some of the factors are discussed as follow to bring awareness and for your understanding.

  • Surgeon Selection

You need to be very careful while selecting a surgeon for your procedure. Whether you are going to get the non-surgical or surgical procedure, the expertise of a surgeon matters a lot. For this purpose, you have to do proper research about the level of expertise of your surgeon. Moreover, when you consult a surgeon, then you may ask him some certain questions that reveal the truth about him. Hence, all of our surgeons are expert. Our surgeons are board-certified and they know how to work effectively to provide best possible results to you.

  • Complexity Of Procedure

Also, you should ponder light on the factor of complexity of the procedure. This factor is considerable while computing the cost of this procedure. Like, while getting non-surgical face lift then you can get it along with another procedure. When you want to get a combination of the techniques in one procedure then automatically it increases the complexity level. For this purpose, you should consult this concern with your surgeon in the prior consultation session. Our surgeons are well-trained to provide a combination of the procedure as per your demand. All of our customers are happy with the results.

  • Geographic Location

Location is very important while getting a treatment. As it also helps you in fast recovery. Dubai is considered as the hub of cosmetic and plastic treatments and you can find best surgeons here.

  • Surgery-Related Expenses

The services that you get by your surgeon or the clinic regarding your treatment also play a part in the overall cost. When it comes to DCS, we are providing our services from the 1st session till the last follow-up. We don’t demand fee from you again and again but we provide you an overall package. You just need to pay once and then enjoy our professional and outstanding services till getting remarkable results. Moreover, you can ask from our surgeon regarding it in the consultation session.

Cost Of Non-Surgical Face Lift At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is offering best cost package for getting the procedure of non-surgical face lift in Abu Dhabi. Our price ranges according to your expected results and severity of your case. Though, our cost starts from AED 10,000. Further, feel free to discuss it with our surgeons.

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Don’t forget that we are providing special promotional offers for your ease. Stay tuned with us to get benefit from these outstanding offers. Get back to our offers page or direct ask from our correspondents by contacting our support center.

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