Cost or Price of Forehead Lift

Are you considering a forehead lift surgery? If yes, the cost is one of the most important factors to consider.

A forehead lift, also known as a brow lift, is an invasive procedure that is used to enhance the appearance of your forehead and brow-line. If your eyebrows or the skin on your forehead is saggy, or you have worry lines then it can be enhanced with the use of this surgical procedure. By having these worry lines or saggy skin, you may seem angry and tired all the time. Moreover, it makes you look older than your actual age. You may also get the combination of another procedure with it to get better results.

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Before deciding to get the procedure, it is necessary to know your candidacy. You are a good candidate if;

  • Your mental and physical health is good.
  • Your age ranges from 35-60 years.
  • Your skin has enough laxity.
  • You don’t smoke or you may quit it for the required period of time.
  • You are realistic in having expectations about results.


The procedure is beneficial for you in different aspects regardless of gender.

  • You will get repositioned and elevated eyebrows line with the natural brow line.
  • You will get a smooth forehead without wrinkles.
  • It enhances your appearance by removing the wrinkles from your crow’s feet.
  • Restores your youthful arch to the eyebrows.
  • If you have furrowed brows, it makes your appearance smooth.
  • Removes excessive skin.
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Cost Factors

A forehead lift cost in Dubai various from one individual to another. Various aspects play their part in calculating the cost. Some of these factors include a selection of your surgeon, geographical region, the complexity of the procedure, and expected results. Following are some details regarding these procedures.

  • Complexity Of Procedure

While calculating the cost, it is essential to keep the complexity of the procedure into consideration. The intensity of procedure matters, moreover, you may want to get a combination of procedures. So, in such a situation, your surgeon needs to pay more attention to your case and make extra efforts. As a result, you have to pay more to get the best results. Our board-certified plastic surgeons have the capability to perform a combination of different treatments in a way that you will get outstanding results.

  • Surgeon Selection

Surgeon’s selection is very important while you are going to get a procedure to enhance your beauty. You have to know the level of expertise and also check the results of prior surgeries that have done by him. Checking these things will provide you an idea regarding his experience and the ways through which he copes difficult situations during surgery. You may also ask for referrals so that you ask them regarding their experience. When it comes to our surgeons, we have a team of highly skilled surgeons who have done all surgeries successfully.

  • Geographic Location

Dubai is considered a hub for plastic surgery procedures. This aspect also matters in the calculation of the cost.

  • Surgery-Related Expenses

Moreover, our one-time cost includes all expenses that are related to surgery. We allow you to ask our surgeons about services that you will get in the cost that you will pay. We make a special package for you that includes all services from your 1st session till the last follow-up. You don’t need to pay again and again but just a one-time fee is enough when it comes to our forehead lift price in Abu Dhabi.

Cost Of Forehead Lift At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery® is offering you the best prices to get forehead lift surgery. Our price starts from AED 15,000 or $4,087 for this surgical procedure. When you compare our price with others then you will get to know that we are offering quality treatments by board-certified plastic surgeons at cost-effective rates.

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Discounted Offers

We provide special discounts for our valuable customers occasionally. Stay in tune to know our discounted offers and get benefit from them. You may also keep a check on our offers page to know about our latest offers.

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