Ear Surgery Cost

The average starting cost of ear surgery is AED 15,000. We are providing ear surgery at cost-effective rates. The cost of the surgery depends on some factors that vary from person to person. Let’s analyze the ear surgery cost in Dubai in detail.

Factors Affecting the Cost

While you are thinking about getting ear surgery, you might be worried about ear surgery cost in Dubai. The factors that play their part in deciding the cost of treatment are as follows;

  • Surgeon’s Expertise

The surgeon’s expertise plays the main part in deciding the cost. If a surgeon isn’t capable of providing the best results, there is a possibility that he will not charge much for his services. But if you are getting the treatment from a board-certified surgeon, you have to pay more for his reliable services. Our surgeons are certified and provide brilliant performance.

  • Type of Procedure Selected

Type of technique is another major contributor to the cost. Customary ear pinning, earlobe alteration, and complete ear shape converting are the types of ear surgery. Every technique has a different cost. Therefore, you need to be very careful while selecting the technique. Consult with the surgeon regarding the type of procedure so that you can get an idea of the treatment cost.

  • Services

The services that are provided before and after the treatment also play their part in deciding the cost. The high-quality pre and post-op services will increase the overall cost. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, we are providing quality services. All of our customers appreciate our services because we stay in contact with our customers before and after the treatment.

  • Individual Requirements

Every individual has different requirements which lead to treatment customization. As a result, the cost increases or decreases. Consult with the surgeon and share your requirements.

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