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Are you worried due to the shape of your ears as it is not according to your face? Are you seeking a treatment that can be beneficial for you in this regard? Ear surgery is the best option for you to get the desired shape of your ears. Aesthetic surgery has made wonders for human beings and they also got this idea to serve human beings. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is providing you this treatment at cost-effective rates. You don’t need to be worried about cost when you are deciding to get treatment from this place. Our customers’ satisfaction is our main priority. This treatment can treat you even if your ears are faulted from birth or you have gone through an accident. In all cases, you will get ear surgery to cure your ear and that’s it.

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What Is Ear Surgery?

Ear surgery, also known as Otoplasty, refers to a treatment that is used to reshape your ears. It is a surgical procedure that can reposition and reshape your ears. If you have any defect in your ear by birth or due to a mishap then this surgery has the capability to correct it for you.

Cost Factors In Ear Surgery

While you are thinking about getting an ear surgery, then you may be worried about ear surgery cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Various factors play their part in deciding the cost of treatment.

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  • Surgeon’s Expertise

The surgeon’s expertise plays their main part in deciding the cost. If a surgeon isn’t capable enough of providing best results then there is the possibility that he will not charge much for his services. But when you want to get the treatment from a board-certified surgeon then you have to pay more for his reliable services. Our surgeons are certified and so they are providing their brilliant performance.

  • Selected Type Of Procedure

Selection of technique is another factor that serves as a major contribution in deciding the cost. Customary ear pinning, earlobe alteration, and complete ear shape converting are the types of ear surgery. Now, every technique costs different. However, you need to be very careful in the selection of the type by consulting with your surgeon. Our surgeons recommend a prior consultation and provide you reliable details in this session so that it will be clarified to your regarding results of the treatment and all other important aspects.

  • Services

The services that are provided before and after the treatment also play their part in deciding the cost. Every hospital isn’t providing quality services. However, here at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we are providing quality services. All of our customers appreciate our customer services. We keep in contact with our customers before and after the treatment. It is our viewpoint that just providing procedure isn’t enough for best results, but it is essential to provide preoperative and postoperative instructions to the customers. Moreover, it is essential to keep proper follow-ups with the customers and we do so.

  • Individual Requirements

Every individual requires a different type of treatment. The area of treatment, expected results, selected type of the treatment, and other aspects are different. So, the cost varies from individual to individual.

Ear Surgery Cost at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery®

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery provides you the opportunity to get Otoplasty at highly competitive rates. The cost starts from AED 15,000 and it may vary on the basis of the individual case.

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