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Facelift Cost In Dubai

Who wants to look old? I don’t think that there is a single person on this earth who will answer this question with a big, old YES. We all want to stay young and more importantly look younger than our age. Luckily, technology has crossed many horizons in the past few years and we now have a Facelift. The facelift has the ability to shave years off a person’s face. Also known by the name of Rhytidectomy, it is a cosmetic surgery that helps you get rid of a “worn-out look” along with trimming and tightening the skin, resulting in a youthful look. That’s sounds appealing. Right? Your response would most likely be; Yes, but what’s the cost? Well, I understand that cost is perhaps the most important factor in deciding whether you want to undergo cosmetic surgery or not. But, it shouldn’t be the only reason while making that decision.

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Factors influencing cost/price of Facelift

There are many factors which affect the cost of the facelift in Dubai/Abu Dhabi. Here are a few of them;

Type of Facelift

Normally, there are two kinds of facelift; surgical and non-surgical one. The results of the surgical facelift are more dramatic and last a long time while the results of the non-surgical facelift are not that long lasting. Usually, if your skin is damaged beyond measure and you are over 50, surgeons recommend going for a surgical facelift which costs more than the non-surgical one.

Choice of the Surgeon

The experience and expertise of the surgeon are an important aspect when it comes to getting a facelift surgery in Dubai. The more skilled the surgeon is, the better the results of your facelift will be and you will lower the chances of any risks or complications. But, it will definitely mean paying more but it’s worth it.

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

If the clinic has a good repute and hundreds of satisfied and happy clients around the world, they might charge slightly more than a clinic that has just started to deliver its services. Just remember that you should never go for a clinic only because they are offering fewer charges, consider other factors as well.

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Cost of Facelift at Our Clinic

At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we offer extremely economical rates without compromising on the quality of our services. After all, if you look good, we do too. On average, the facelift cost in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is around AED 30,000 which equals $ 8,167. The price can vary depending on each individual case. You can get the exact quote after a consultation.

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Want an expert opinion in regards to your skin or simply want to know the exact quote for you? Visit our clinic now or schedule a free online consultation for personalized advice. Simply fill in the form and one of our representatives will call you to arrange a free and no-obligatory consultation with a surgeon. Furthermore, we are offering 100% financing with 0% Interest services to our new and existing clients.

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