Buccal Fat Removal Cost

Buccal fat removal in dubai is one such procedure that removes excess fat from the cheeks. However, before you get the treatment you might want to know about the buccal fat removal cost in Dubai.

Buccal Fat Removal Cost in Dubai

The average starting cost of buccal fat removal in dubai is AED 10,000. Further, some other factors affect the cost.

Factors Affecting Cost

Calculating cost is one of the essential aspects when you opt for a certain treatment. Different factors impact the buccal fat removal cost. These factors include the selection of a surgeon, the complexity of the procedure, expenses related to surgery and location, etc.

Have a look at some important factors.

  • Surgeon Selection

The selection of the surgeon is one of the major factors that determine the cost. An experienced surgeon will charge more because it is not an easy task to perform a facial surgery. Extensive experience is required to perform the procedure successfully. All of our surgeons are board-certified and highly qualified to perform the procedure. They deal with different individuals on a daily basis and all of them are happy with the results.

  • Complexity of Procedure

The complexity of the procedure is another factor that needs to be considered while calculating the cost. The complexity of the procedure increases as you get a combination of procedures. Therefore, you need to consult with your surgeon to know if you are getting two procedures on not. Complex and combined procedures are more costly.

  • Geographic Location

When you get an invasive or non-invasive procedure, the location of the clinic matters a lot. The cost of cosmetic procedures in the Gulf region is less as compared to the European region.

  • Surgery-Related Expenses

Surgery-related expenses include the cost of anesthesia, garments, and medicines, etc. They add up to the overall buccal fat removal cost. You can discuss these expenses with your surgeon during the consultation..

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