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The natural desire of humans for beauty and instant gratification has created a new wave for cosmetic procedures and aesthetic medicine. The shift today is more towards non-invasive procedures and less towards invasive ones, mainly fillers and cosmetic injectables. The household name used for it is Botox, which everyone is familiar with and due to its precise skin rejuvenation results, Botox in Abu Dhabi & Dubai is spreading like a wildfire.

If you are serious about getting fillers than the common thing that might be bothering you will be the cost of Dermal Fillers and injectable fillers. When searching for the Botox cost/price in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, it might be difficult to find a straightforward answer. I am going to break down a few factors for added clarity so that you can make up your mind regarding the treatment.

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Factors Influencing the Cost

The average cost varies from 500 – 1500 AED. When determining the cost or price of an injectable, you need to consider these factors;

  • Procedure Used
  • Brand Name
  • The volume of Product Used
  • Surgeon Selection
  • Geographic Location

Procedure Used

There are a gazillion treatment options when it comes to choosing injectables but I am enlisting the two most popular ones below; neurotoxins and dermal fillers.


What neurotoxin does is that it stops the muscle movement.  Thus the wrinkle softens as a result of restricted muscle movement. The most popular neurotoxin is Botox. But, there are plenty of other brands as well.

The Botox cost or price is going to vary based on the individual and desired results. There are ways to determine it. One is per injection and the other is by the treatment site; hands, feet, underarms, etc. The best way is to ask for per injection measure. That way, you’ll only pay for what you are getting and a dermatologist/surgeon can determine only by examining your skin that how many injections you will need.

Dermal Fillers

The average price of dermal fillers varies by the filler. However, an increasing number of the syringe will reduce the overall cost of the treatment. To know the exact cost you can consult with us now.

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Brand Name

Not all brands have the same price. One can be extremely expensive and the other one can be quite affordable.  This is due to market share. One such example of this is Botox. It is the industry leader in neurotoxins. Hence, the Botox cost is at a premium.

Volume of Product

More product a practice uses, the better the price gets. If you get three syringes at separate time intervals, you will have to pay way more than if you get all of them at once.

Selection of a Surgeon

The experience and expertise of the surgeon are an important aspect when it comes to the overall injectable fillers cost. The more skilled the surgeon is, the better the results of your procedure will be and you will lower the chances of any risks or complications. But, it will definitely mean paying more but it’s worth it. You definitely don’t want to screw up your face and then pay a lot more to fix it.

Before and After for Botox Treatment

Geographic Location

The living cost in the area affects the overall cost of the surgery as well. Usually, procedures cost or price in UAE way less than the Western world. And, you get exactly the same quality at half the price.

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