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April 20, 2017
Body Contouring Without Surgry

Body Contouring Without Surgery

Non-surgical body contouring might not sound as effective as a liposuction to you because of your experience with pills etc. […]
February 2, 2016

Round Face Surgeries in Dubai

As distances grow shorter with social media and globalization, trends are created for standards of beauty and aesthetics all over […]
January 30, 2016

Get Rid of Fat with Mini Liposuction for AED 10,000

December 30, 2015
Get Well-Defined & Perfect Lips Today

Get Well-Defined & Perfect Lips Today

For years, it has been assumed that when a man looks at a woman’s face, his gaze lingers on her […]
October 7, 2015
How Does Laser Lipolysis Work

How Does Laser Lipolysis Work

Are you sick of extra fat layers on your face and cheeks? Have exercise and dieting failed to help you […]
October 1, 2015
liposuction Offer

Choose Laser Lipo starting from 15,000 AED only

November 20, 2014

SmartLipo Laser Lipolysis for Men

What exercise and diet can’t change, smartlipo laser lipolysis can. Smart laser lipolysis is a new and remarkable treatment that […]
November 13, 2014
What is Lipolysis

What is Lipolysis? How it Works?

These days, proper diet and exercise is the routine of nearly every person because being attractive and healthy is desire […]
November 12, 2014
Lipolysis Treatment in Dubai

Lipolysis Treatment in Dubai

Lipolysis in Dubai – also known as lipodissolve – is an innovative, gentle and non-invasive cosmetic procedure that eradicates excess […]

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