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Important Things To Know About Spider Veins

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During scorching heat of summers visits to pools and beaches automatically increase. But when it comes to wearing a swimsuit or a beachside bikini, most women feel pressure to have picture-perfect legs. For some, the thing that is worse than realizing you missed few hairs on your knees or legs is noticeable veins. Spider veins affect a vast majority of people, especially women. Though they do not cause any serious health issues, sufferers want to get rid of them as they are aesthetically unbearable. However, before opting for any treatment, one must know important things associated with spider veins. Here is some information that may ease your mind.

Crossing your legs is not the reason of spider veins: It is a big misconception of most people that crossing legs causes spider and varicose veins. But the fact is that crossing legs does not cause spider veins, neither does wearing high heels. The main reason behind spider veins is pooling of blood and it is more commonly caused by prolonged standing or sitting sessions. Genetics is another important cause of spider veins.

Spider veins are not just a cosmetic problem: Probably most common misconception regarding spider veins is that they are just a cosmetic problem and people get them treated for aesthetic reasons only. Though experts say that spider veins mostly project aesthetic problems, they shouldn’t be taken easy. If not treated in time, they may cause swelling, fatigue and discomfort in legs. Furthermore, they may also be the warning sign of long term health risks such as poor blood circulation and blood clotting.

Reducing amount of salt in your diet and increasing fiber can help prevent spider veins: Studies have shown that reducing salt and increasing fiber in your diet can help you manage with spider veins. Eating less salt helps with swelling caused by spider veins. High fiber foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains are also helpful to prevent spider veins.

Sun exposure increases the risk for spider veins: Besides legs, spider veins may also appear on face. Excessive exposure to the sun increases the risk of spider veins on nose and cheeks. So, if you want to prevent spider veins on face, limit exposure to the UV rays of sun.

Men have spider veins too: Although spider veins are more common in women, men may also suffer from venous diseases such as spider veins. However, they are less likely to seek treatment.

Exercise is the best way to prevent and maintain vein issues: The more you are active, the more you are healthy. Exercise improves the blood circulation and strengthens the calf muscles. Therefore, it is an effective way of preventing as well as treating spider veins.

You can get spider veins treated: Spider veins are treatable and various outpatient procedures that involve little or no discomfort and downtime may be helpful for this purpose. Lasers are considered the most effective option for treating spider veins without a major disruption in your daily life.

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