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Female Hair Loss

What do you know about female hair loss?
How many of your clients tend to suffer from it?
How bad does it tend to be?
What do you see as the main reasons for female hair loss?


It is commonly known that men tend to lose hair or even become bold as they age. Inherited or male pattern baldness occurs in 25 percent of men by the age of 30; two thirds are bald or balding by the age of 60.

While women develop thinner hair as they get older or even experience a certain degree of hair loss, the pattern of female balding is altogether different from that of male. Women tent to lose the hair on the top and the sides and may thin throughout the head without typical concentration of hair loss which is the case with males, ie. Receding hairline, top and crown. Exact causes of age related hair loss in women is still being studied however it is commonly believed that it is hereditary or genetics related.

There are many contributing factors which cause female hair loss and are not necessarily hereditary nor age related. The common causes are: sudden hormone change due discontinuation of birth control pills or after birth of a child, Underactive or overactive thyroid, acute physical trauma or injury, severe dieting which results in inadequate protein and iron intake, chemotherapy, and certain prescription medications.

Our recent statistics at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic (Hair Transplant Department) for the period of 2009 to 2011 show a 25 % increase in women patients seeking treatments for hair loss or balding. Female hair loss can be very traumatic and much more so than male pattern of baldness since hair is very much an integral part of being a women. Hair loss tends to have a direct impact on one’s identity and can leave permanent scar to the self-esteem and what one perceives as self worth. We’ve treated patients with various stages of hair loss however depending on the extent of hair loss, the cause, as well as the expectation; the treatment option is tailored accordingly.


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