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Asiya BokhariAsiya M. Ismail is a professional medical/health writer who possesses extensive experience in producing documents that deal with medicine and healthcare specifically. Her passion for medical science and health sparked the will to pursue a career in this field. She has been communicating scientific and clinical material to a wide variety of audiences including doctors, surgeons, nurses, and patients. Her work includes a variety of print publications, electronic publications, website content, blogs, multimedia presentation, and podcasts, etc.

Her Writing Expertise

She is undoubtedly a medical wordsmith who has this amazing ability to speak the language of both; a medical expert and a layman. Her expertise is mainly in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery. She has worked for a variety of clinics and started her career as an Executive Medical Writer. But currently, she is a part of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic as a Marketing Head & Content Creator.

Asiya has also been a valuable Contributing Author to numerous credible and well-established health websites and forums. Moreover, she has been involved in teaching health writing skills to aspiring medical writers in different workshops.

With solid writing/editorial skills and great familiarity with medical terminologies, she aims to change lives through impactful health communication. In addition to this, she is quite persistent and detail-oriented. She knows how to research and translate technical information into simple writing.

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